The Adult Brief for Your Busy Week


Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you’re at work and have to use the restroom? If you’re managing incontinence and are currently using adult diapers, then you know that your work day and those trips to the restroom can be stressful, uncomfortable and even nerve-racking to say the least. However, there are ways you can have a productive and less stressed day at work. According to, it's important to keep a change of clothes with you just in case an accident may occur at work. Another important tip is to use absorbent incontinence products to keep you dry all day. You'll want to consider a heavy-duty tab-style brief or pull-on that fits and feel comfortably on your body.

The new NorthShore™ MEGAMAX™ Brief is one to consider if you’re looking for an adult diaper that can last during your busy day at work, so you may not even need to use your work restroom. 


MegaMax Features Designed for Long Work Days

Up to 12 Hours of Massive Capacity - Did you know that the average American works around 8.06 hours a day? Start your Monday off right when you have those back-to-back meetings. The MEGAMAX™ Brief is there for you when may not have time to take trips to the restroom. The MEGAMAX™ has been tested to provide up to 12 hours of protection.

customer rev. with briefcase
"This is the first diaper I have ever worn that I have 100% confidence that it won't leak no matter how active I am or how much I drink of void. These diapers are simply amazing!" -Ian1, NorthShore Customer

Durable Core - Did you know 1 in 4 Americans sit for more than 8 hours a day at work? You shouldn’t have to sit in wetness while analyzing reports, or in the middle of that important conversation with your boss or co-worker. MEGAMAX's highly channeled core, quick-wicking ability, and tall leak guards keep you dry all day long ... with no wet pants or spots! 

young man on laptop at work

"Love the gathered sides and waistbands. I did not need to change all day at work" - InDaWoods, NorthShore Customer

Amazing Odor Control
-  Research has shown that certain scents can decrease concentration levels. Don’t put yourself or others into a funk from unpleasant odors. High-absorbency adult diaper can help with odors from urine or bowel voids. MEGAMAX's durable outer shell (plastic exterior) keeps odors down, so you can work effectively throughout the day without distraction even when managing heavy bowel leaks. 

keyboard and coffee

"Awesome odor control. Hands down the best diaper I've ever worn. Thanks, NorthShore" - Bryan6891, NorthShore Customer

Strong Tabs- On average, people visit the restroom about 4 and 10 times within a 24-hour period. If you drink coffee, are a water guzzler, or just regular, you’ll need to use the most absorbent adult diaper with strong tabs. The MEGAMAX™ offers an improved landing zone that gives more room for the tabs. The tabs themselves are so strong that they can withstand multiple fastenings and you may not need to wear diaper covers with them.  

man tying shoes

"These briefs are tall enough to come over my navel, but the best thing is the tapes, wide and strong. Tapes can be re-positioned if needed, but they really stick" - Skip K., NorthShore Customer

Use the most absorbent adult diaper that you can wear with confidence and comfort all day at work. Work can get busy, stressful and chaotic. The last worry you need to deal with leaks from inferior incontinence briefs. Try MEGAMAX™ Brief and see why it is the most absorbent adult diaper offered by NorthShore.

MEGAMAX™ provides peace of mind to people managing total urinary and bowel incontinence with special features that make it truly one of a kind. Up to 12-hour of capacity, durable core, odor control backsheet, and strong tabs are all features that set it apart. So, are you ready for a more productive work week? 

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