Overnight Diapers & Briefs for Adults

Get the sleep that you deserve with incontinence products that work. Explore products designed for overnight use. Absorbent adult & youth diapers, protective underwear, incontinence pads and bed pads are some of the products available to keep you dry, comfortable and most importantly, asleep during the night. A better night's sleep is closer than you think.

What Is the Best Overnight Diaper for Adults?

When you or a loved one is managing incontinence, finding reliable overnight protection is essential for getting a good night's sleep. The best overnight supplies will keep the wearer dry throughout the night without disrupting their sleep by offering maximum protection. When choosing overnight adult diapers, you may want to look for the following:

Comfort: Overnight diapers should maintain an optimum comfort level to keep you or your loved one sleeping soundly. The ideal brief with tabs prioritizes comfort by keeping moisture away from the skin, so the wearer stays dry and comfortable.
Absorbency: Adult nighttime diapers need to have maximum absorbency capabilities to eliminate the risk of leaking and avoid the need for multiple changes throughout the night and wet sheets in the morning.

Finding the right size is also essential when purchasing adult overnight diapers. A diaper that is too small might cause discomfort, while an oversized diaper can result in leaking. When choosing a diaper, you or your loved one should get accurate hip and waist measurements to pick out the best possible diaper size.

Products for Incontinence at Night

At NorthShore, we are committed to providing customers with adult nighttime diapers that improve their comfort and quality of sleep. Our selection of adult nighttime diapers and incontinence solutions includes:

Overnight Diaper-Style with Tabs: Our maximum absorbency overnight diapers feature adjustable tabs for a more comfortable and secure fit. Leak guards reduce leaks and sagging. By ensuring the diaper is secure, the user can enjoy a full night's sleep. The tabs also make it easier for caregivers to change bedridden and mobile-restricted loved ones before bed and in the morning.
Overnight Pull-Up Style Underwear: These easy overnight pull-on diapers are like regular underwear but feature snug-fitting elastic around the waist to provide wearers with all-night secure protection. We also designed these briefs with leak guards at the leg openings for users who move around in their sleep.
Guards for Men: We designed our guards to help men manage their urinary incontinence using a comfortable, form-fitting pad. These guards are not bulky and should stay in place inside any well-fitting underwear.
Liners: Liners are high-absorbency, shaped pads that you or your loved ones can wear overnight with confidence. The large size and high-absorbency rating allow users with urinary and/or bowel incontinence to stay dry and comfortable.
Booster Pads (Diaper Doublers): People managing incontinence can get extra protection and a greater sense of security by placing our booster pads inside adult diapers, protective underwear or liners. These pads increase the absorbency of disposable undergarments and reduce the need for frequent changes.
Waterproof Covers: Our waterproof covers go over incontinence products such as tab-style briefs and pull-ons for added absorbency. These covers are washable, comfortable and discreet.
Disposable Underpads: Disposable underpads and bed pads protect sheets from leakage. Wearers can conveniently throw them away after use for easy cleanup.
Washable Bed Pads: Our washable bed pads and underpads cover beds to reduce linen changes. These pads are reusable and can last up to hundreds of washings.

Benefits of Our Adult Diapers

The best adult diapers come from NorthShore because we are committed to providing our customers with the most absorbent and comfortable products on the market. Our absorbent diapers and undergarments reduce odors and eliminate leaks. Various size options help users find the best fit possible for maximum comfort and protection. We also offer discreet delivery and Auto-Ship & Save.

Experience the NorthShore Difference

Our selection of premium incontinence products helps our customers stay confident, dry and comfortable all day and night. Contact our team online to learn more about our products, or call us at 800-562-0161 for personalized recommendations. Looking for something specific? The NorthShore Product Finder can help you find the ideal items for your needs.