Are You Using the Best Adult Diaper for Overnight Coverage, Protection and Sleep?

young woman sleeping in bed

Do you worry about sleeping through the night without leaks and waking up to a wet bed? Whether you are managing incontinence or you are an in-home caregiver, getting enough rest can be challenging. 

Imagine if your bedtime ritual could involve slipping into bed without the worry of leaks waking you or someone you love up in the middle of the night. When managing incontinence, having the best overnight adult diaper can be important in staying comfortable and dry.

Below are our most popular adult incontinence products for men and women that offer maximum absorbency for those managing heavy incontinence.

Overnight Diapers for Adults

NorthShore MEGAMAX Briefs – Up to 12 hours of absorbency for massive containment of urine and bowel leakage. 



    • Ultimate absorbency – tested to last up to 12 hours

    • Wide, strong tape tabs keep briefs secure and comfortable

    • 3” longer landing zone allows for a more customized fit

Ideal for people who:

    • Sleep on their sides

    • Have severe bowel and/or urinary leakage – heavy absorbency plus plastic exterior helps with bowel incontinence

    • Prefer to not use a booster pad or diaper cover for added protection

“These are the most absorbent and comfortable diapers I have ever used. All-day or all night. No leaks at all.  So comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them!” - Rick D., Florida Resident, NorthShore Customer

NorthShore Supreme Briefs - Our top-selling briefs for over four years feature special wicking to keep moisture away from the skin.

NorthShore Supreme Briefs


    • Strong backsheet offers odor control and resists sagging

    • Extra-wide coverage offers more protection in the front and rear

    • Elastic in the back provides a comfortable fit and helps prevents leaks when laying down

Ideal for people who:

    • Sleep on their side and/or back

    • Have bowel and/or urinary incontinence 

    • Need a brief that helps with odor containment

“This product is truly effective. This product has made sleeping at night possible. I have MS and IBS and this is the best product I have tried.” – Kimberly T., New Mexico Resident, NorthShore Customer

NorthShore AirSupreme Briefs – Our softest, most absorbent and breathable tab-style adult diaper.

NorthShore AirSupreme Briefs


    • Hook and loop style tabs allow for multiple fastenings if needed

    • Breathable backsheet allows more air to flow to the skin

    • Activated leak guards provide more protection near leg areas

Ideal for people who:

    • Sleep in multiple positions

    • Have skin sensitivity

    • Are looking for a super-absorbent diaper for day or night

    • Have heavy bowel or urinary leakage

“We've tried different nighttime products for my husband and the AirSupreme™ Briefs have been the most comfortable! They are absorbent, leak-proof throughout the night, and feel "cooler" than plastic backed briefs. Thank you for a terrific product!” – Carolyn L., Iowa Resident, NorthShore Customer 

Overnight Pull-Up Style Underwear 

NorthShore GoSupreme Underwear – The most form-fitting, high-absorbency protective underwear offered by NorthShore.

NorthShore GoSupreme Underwear


    • Improved leg elastics and narrow leg openings provide a snug fit

    • Extra-long contoured lining provides more coverage in the front and back

    • Dual leak guards provide extra coverage

Ideal for people who:

    • Sleep on their side

    • Have thinner legs/thighs and need a more secure fit around these areas

    • Need protection for urine and bowel containment

“These pull-ons fit well for both my mother and my husband. The snug leg holes mean no more leaks, which means way less laundry for me! The fact that they're suitable for bladder and bowel, plus they hold 38 oz., makes them ideal for our situation.” – Jowls M., Indiana Resident, NorthShore Customer

NorthShore FlexSupreme Underwear - The #1 pull-up style underwear for urinary leaks.

NorthShore FlexSupreme Underwear


    • Maximum absorbency with quick-wicking technology to keep skin dry

    • Flexible waistband keeps pull-on close to the body

    • Elastic waistband available in sizes up to 2XL 

Ideal for people who:

    • Sleep on their side and/or back

    • Need larger sizes

    • Want the most absorbent pull-on 

“So far these seem to be absorbent enough that I haven't had any problems with leaks."- Sheldon A., Utah Resident & NorthShore Customer 

Quality of sleep depends on how well prepared you are for it. Whether your bedtime ritual involves watching TV, lighting a candle, meditating or reading a favorite book, you will want to make sure you use the best overnight incontinence products available. Quality products should offer superior leakage protection and offer maximum protection for bladder and bowel leaks. Stay dry and rested during the evening to get the sleep you deserve. According to, individuals need sufficient sleep to function properly.

Enjoy a good night's rest by browsing Overnight Incontinence Supplies or calling (800) 563-0161 for assistance and suggestions.

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