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Why NorthShore

Discreet Delivery of Adult Diapers, Youth Diapers & Incontinence Supplies

Founded in 2002, NorthShore Care Supply has helped thousands of caregivers, parents, adults and children improve the quality of their lives by providing expert incontinence product recommendations and a wide range of incontinence products, sizes and absorbencies not found in retail stores.

Our specialty is high absorbency adult diapers, youth diapers, briefs, underpads and bed pads. We can help if you are looking for products that are much more absorbent that the retail brands so that you and the user can sleep through the night. It can be life changing to find products that contain leaks and odors discreetly and fit properly to provide peace of mind and help maintain an active lifestyle. Contact us today for our expert recommendations suited to your needs.

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