Plus Size Incontinence Products & Supplies

A wide selection of incontinence products in extra large and bariatric sizes for larger built or obese users. Most of the diapers, underwear and liners for people over 400 lbs are not available in retail stores. If you need any assistance finding the best size or style for you or your loved one, please contact our customer service team for expert recommendations. Diaper manufacturers typically use the term bariatric to describe sizes of diapers above the standard extra-large. The options in these plus sizes are expanding. We also carry oversized waterproof bed protectors called underpads. Accessories to improve quality of care include large-sized wet wipes, heavy-duty disposal bags and waterproof diaper covers. Liners are large waterproof pads that fit inside mesh pants or regular underwear and are much easier to change than traditional tab-style briefs. Some of our larger liners are just as absorbent as the brief-style diapers. Booster pads are a very popular add-on product to extend the capacity of any absorbent undergarment or liner and work especially well at night to reduce leaks & changes and promote healthier, longer sleep for both caregiver and patient.

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