Incontinence Products & Supplies for Women

At NorthShore Care Supply, we pride ourselves in the variety of solutions we offer women to address their bladder or bowel incontinence. Women can feel pretty, be active and still be protected in a wide range of absorbency levels without feeling like they are wearing diapers. We have a wide selection of absorbent pads, pull-ons or tab-style briefs for all levels of protection, activity and sizes. We have a variety of lighter pads designed specifically for women with stress urinary incontinence, also known as LBL or light bladder leakage. When heavier protection is needed from urge or overflow incontinence, we recommend our large shaped pads, also known as Liners that fit in mesh pants or regular underwear and protect from both urinary and bowel incontinence.

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Incontinence Products for Women 

What Incontinence Products for Women Are Available?

At NorthShore® Care Supply, we are proud to offer numerous types of women's incontinence supplies. All of our products are available in multiple sizes, including plus size. We also carry supplies specifically for overnight use and bowel incontinence. Whatever you or your loved one needs, NorthShore has a product to help. Items we carry include:

Diapers with tabs: Our tab-style briefs work well for individuals with caregivers, and they are so versatile anyone can use them. These products come in multiple absorbency levels.
Incontinence underwear: Anyone who wants a diaper resembling regular underwear should try our women's pull-ons. These diapers slip on easily over the legs and have tear-away sides to make changing and disposal a breeze.
Pads and liners: Individuals experiencing light incontinence can benefit from a pad or liner. These women's urinary incontinence products go directly into the underwear to keep skin dry.
Bedding protection: Those who need overnight protection can use our underpads. We offer disposable and washable options to help protect bedding, furniture, wheelchairs and more.
Booster pads: Women who wear diapers and need a bit of extra protection can use a booster pad. These go inside the diaper to add more absorbency.

Choosing the Right Female Incontinence Products

Every woman has a different experience with incontinence, and the right products for her needs depend on numerous factors, including preference, lifestyle and incontinence type. 

Diapers and overnight products are ideal for those experiencing heavy or complete urinary or bowel incontinence. Those with uncontrollable bladder or bowel urges will most likely benefit from wearing a diaper and using underpads as needed. 

Some women experience only minor incontinence, such as when they laugh or cannot make it to a bathroom before leakage occurs. Pads or liners may be the best choice in these scenarios. These products are designed to fit right into any lifestyle. They are virtually unnoticeable from the outside and help with protection at precisely the right moments.

Why Choose Women's Incontinence Supplies From NorthShore?

NorthShore Care Supply products come with several advantages. We provide kind, caring service and discreet delivery, and our solutions offer:

An expansive size range: We offer women's diapers designed to fit all sorts of waist sizes and body types.
Different colors and styles: We carry tab-style and pull-on diapers in different colors, material types and patterns so users can feel pretty and confident while staying dry.
Absorbency levels: We have protection for individuals with light, moderate or heavy incontinence.
Leak protection: We provide diapers with leak guards and additional booster pads to help prevent leaks.

Find Incontinence Products for Women With NorthShore Today

NorthShore Care Supply offers a wide range of female incontinence products. Browse our selection or try our Product Finder today to choose the best option for any situation. You can also contact us online for more information.