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Adult diapers and incontinence products from NorthShore offer up to 12 hours of dry, leak-free protection. NorthShore brand products offer more absorbency, security, and comfort than store brands. You can have more time to do what you love with the confidence and dignity you deserve. Not sure what product is right for you? Get quick recommendations with our Product Finder!

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Adult Diaper FAQs

What Are Adult Diapers?

Adult diapers, also known as diapers with tabs, help individuals manage urinary and bowel incontinence. They absorb leaks, minimize odors and keep you dry. The adjustable tabs provide a secure fit around the legs, helping to contain heavy leaks. Adult diapers help individuals live active lives and are available in various sizes and styles.

People of all ages, genders and races can experience incontinence. There are numerous types of adult diapers designed with you or your loved one's lifestyle, incontinence type and preferences in mind.

Adult incontinence diapers come in several styles, absorbency levels and even colors. At NorthShore, we strive to offer super-absorbent briefs to help users look good and stay confidently dry. Some of the best adult diaper types you can buy include:

Adult tab-style briefs are helpful for individuals with less mobile lifestyles or who want to be able to quickly change out of soiled undergarments. They are usually easiest to put on while the wearer is lying down. Tabs allow for convenient fastening around the waist to help achieve a secure fit.

Overnight adult diapers are similar to tab-style options but offer super-absorbent all-night protection when needed - or whenever long-lasting absorbency is a priority. Overnight diapers have higher absorbency levels to help prevent leaks and odors.

Plastic-backed adult diapers have a durable plastic exterior designed to help prevent leakage and odors, especially from bowel incontinence. Since they are made from plastic, these diapers are likely to create less friction against clothing.

Printed Options
NorthShore carries printed diapers for those looking to add a bit of color and/or style to their incontinence product collection. The only difference between printed and standard diapers is that this product comes in different colors and sometimes patterns.

Booster Pads
If you or your loved one are looking for more absorbency, try booster pads. Also called 'diaper inserts,' users can place the pad inside an incontinence product such as an adult diaper with the adhesive backing. When filled with liquid, it flows through to the diaper or brief below for extra protection.

Choosing an adult diaper can be simple as long as you know what to look for as a user or caregiver. Some features you may want to consider include:

• Leg Protection: Anti-leak guards at leg openings can help ensure you or your loved one stays dry and experiences less leakage from the sides.

• Ease-of-Use: Adult diapers should be easy for the wearer or caregiver to apply. While pull-ups might work well for more independent individuals, tab-style briefs are more convenient for those who are less mobile as well as caregivers.

• Absorbency Levels: At NorthShore, products offer levels ranging from heavy protection all the way to massive capacity.

• Sizing: Finding the size that fits best is important in lowering the chances of leakage.

NorthShore carries other incontinence products for individuals who might need more or different types of protection. Some of these additional items include:

Pull-Up Style Underwear: Adult pull-ons, which are sometimes referred to as protective underwear, slide up over the wearer's legs and are similar to regular underwear. They protect individuals from leaks and other incontinence-related problems. Protective underwear is typically best suited for users who are more mobile.
Wipes: Make cleaning up easier with the help of Supreme Wipes, which are extra-long, gentle and hypoallergenic. Also available in travel and baby sizes.
Underpads and Bed Pads: Use these products on top of sheets for additional absorbency that helps contain leakage and the need to change bed coverings.
Waterproof Covers: Put these covers over an adult diaper, protective underwear or absorbent liner to help prevent leaks from getting onto clothing.

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