Customer Reviews

Great to work with!

“Each time I call, it's like talking with a helpful, old friend. Each person I talk with seems caring, attentive, and interested--never rushed. Best of all, orders are filled promptly!”


Fantastic customer service, Great products!

“These quality pull-ons from NorthShore , GoSupreme have changed the quality of my father's life!, I was unaware that better products even existed...the difference between NorthShore's incontinence products is night and day compared to a store! these pull-ons are great hold a ton of volume don't leak when used as directed, and the extra cost compared to store brands is well worth it! This has given us peace of mind again, and have saved my father the embarrassment of leaks.”


Great Help!

“NorthShore was a great help finding good diapers for my Mom. Next day delivery. Top quality product.”


Everyone at this company genuinely cares about the customer

“Customer service team all stepped up to help me when needed. Everyone at this company genuinely cares about the customer and this is evident not just from my order but my satisfaction after my order was received.

I had an issue with one of the items and the company sent out a replacement for this item at no charge.”


Very helpful and easy to talk to

“Was so great to talk to someone and explain the help I needed, made me feel like you wanted to help not just make a sale. Thank you!!”


I couldn't be happier!

“Good products, good prices, and great service.”


Great Service!

“I appreciate the excellent and quick service from North Shore Care Supply. I can always expect a wonderful shopping experience from NorthShore and highly recommend them. They really care!”


Excellent Reliable Quality

“Great product! Dependable quality that lives up to its reliable reputation.”


Give NorthShore a try, you will not be disappointed

“The customer service that I received from NorthShore was absolutely wonderful. I received my order within three days. I was so pleased with the quality of your product. I will continue to shop with you and will recommend your products to all of my friends and family.”


2X At Last!!!!


“My father is a heavy man and when he needed disposable underwear, I couldn't find 2X in any store. I finally tried Google and I found NorthShore Care Supply. I was happy that my father was thrilled that Northshore flex supreme underwear fit and he feels so comfortable wearing them. I ordered 1 box to start and see if they work for him. Now we have a case auto delivered every 4 weeks. Makes me glad to have my 90 year old Dad happy to get dressed each day.”


Very professional and knowledgeable

“Some of the finest, most courteous, concerned, helpful people that I have ever done business with. Extremely professional in dealing with sensitive matters and 100% set on finding a solution to help solve the problem.”