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Bladder Leakage

Weakened or damaged bladder muscles can trigger uncontrollable urine leakage, making it difficult to get to the restroom in time. Bladder leaks can be light and infrequent or more often and severe.

If you or someone you care for is managing incontinence, think about consulting a healthcare professional and using the right product to prevent urinary leaks and be confidently dry. Learn more about incontinence supplies designed to prevent leaks and odors as well as contain urine for longer periods, including overnight for some products.

Products Recommended for Urinary Incontinence

NorthShore MegaMax Overnight Diaper Style Briefs with Tabs
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Maximum Absorbency

Starting at $13.99 FSA/HSA Eligible

NorthShore GoSupreme Overnight Incontinence Underwear
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Starting at $8.99 FSA/HSA Eligible

NorthShore DoubleStop Male Incontinence Guards
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Starting at $3.99 FSA/HSA Eligible

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