Top Adult Incontinence Products to Prevent Urinary Leaks

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Are you constantly cleaning urine, bedding and clothing due to urinary incontinence?

If so, you may be familiar with the following scene: You or a loved one thinks just before falling asleep, 'I hope I/we don't wake up tomorrow in wet sheets."

Waking up to leaks in bed may be a daily occurrence for some people. Cleaning products may not always get all of the smell out of bedding or clothes. 

Luckily, today there are incontinence products for men and women offering special features designed to reduce leaks and odors as well as contain urine for long periods of time, including overnight.

According to Mayo Clinic, Cystitis, type 2 diabetes, UTIs and dehydration are some of the reasons why urine may smell strong. Consistent bed wetting can sometimes be too difficult to get rid of completely or even lead to permanent odors.

There are adult diapers with tabs and protective underwear available that are built with specialized super-absorbent polymers and wicking technology to keep users free from leaks.

If you or a loved one is managing incontinence, the ideal product may be one that offers the best protection and also contains strong-smelling odors. We will review the top incontinence products for preventing urinary leaks that also offer added peace of mind. First, let's evaluate if current products are sufficient in addressing your/your loved ones incontinence.

Is it Time to Change Your Urinary Incontinence Product? Do You...

    • Constantly clean sheets and other bedding products

    • Regularly wake up in a wet bed

    • Encounter highly urine-saturated bed pads and underpads each morning

Benefits of Microsorb Lining

Quality incontinence supplies should offer enough absorbency as well as specialized technology to contain odors. NorthShore Care Supply offers adult products containing super-absorbent polymers to minimize odors and also wick away wetness, which is known as Microsorb lining.

The MicroSorb lining is located in the absorbent areas of a particular diaper or underwear. Once liquid touches the surface of the lining, the polymers lock away wetness and odors.   

The backing of certain tab-style briefs also helps with odor containment. The smooth plastic-backed exterior contains odors from urine and bowel incontinence. It's helpful for men and women to consider these two important features when searching for incontinence products and supplies.

Tab-Style Briefs with Microsorb lining:

Pull-Ons with Microsorb lining:

Personal Care Accessories

There are many products and supplies to help with containing leaks. Consider these helpful accessories in addition to wearing a brief or pull-on.

TRIFECTA Waterproof Covers

    • Extra layer of protection

    • 100% waterproof

    • Washable

    • Breathable

    • Elastic around the legs and waist for a more secure fit

Heavy-Duty Quilted Wipes
NorthShore Heavy-Duty Quilted Wipes

    • Extra-large sizes offer more coverage for all body areas

    • Hypoallergenic, unscented, alcohol-free

    • With Aloe and calendula

    • Pre-moistened

Disposal Bags

    • Big enough to hold adult-sized diapers and other products

    • Tie handles for convenient disposal

    • Powder fresh scent

    • Discreet color hides content for privacy

Heavier urinary incontinence is manageable with products that offer specialized wicking and odor-locking technology. NorthShore Supreme Briefs and FlexSupreme Pull-On Underwear are some of our customers' top sellers because they do a great job at wicking away wetness and neutralizing odors.  

Quality tab-style briefs and absorbent underwear can be the first step in preventing leaks. Instead of doubling up on adult diapers or frequent changes, consider highly absorbent supplies.

At NorthShore, there are products to help reduce leaks, changes and odors. We design our products based on customer feedback to provide them with the best protection available.


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