Urinary Incontinence During Postpartum

Managing Urinary Incontinence During Postpartum

After a long pregnancy, your baby is finally here and there is so much to be happy about. The new addition to your family is certain to bring lots of joy and happiness for years to come. Of course, having a new baby is a lot of work. They require constant feeding, changing, holding, and pretty much all your attention.

While so much focus is on your infant, you may lose sight of the physical changes that have occurred with your body during pregnancy and childbirth. One common thing that occurs postpartum is incontinence. Whether it be uterine bleeding or bladder leaks, female incontinence post-childbirth happens.

You are not alone in this. Studies show that one in three women experience this condition. Most of these cases resolve quickly, but some do linger for extended periods.

The Symptoms and Causes of Postpartum Incontinence

Incontinence is when the body leaks urine unintentionally. It can also include frequent urination and urinating while asleep. Incontinence can occur at any time but more frequently with physical activity or sudden movements such as exercising or sneezing.

The causes of urinary incontinence stem from hormonal and anatomical changes that occur in the body during and after pregnancy. Muscles referred to as pelvic floor muscles which support bladder control may be weakened or damaged. The weakened muscles may put pressure on the bladder which leads to urinary leakage. With time and muscle-strengthening exercises, your incontinence issue can be controlled.

Incontinence Control Products

Right after childbirth is when incontinence and bleeding are the heaviest. As time passes, the bleeding stops, but lingering urinary leaking may stick around for a while.

Many women choose to wear postpartum diapers. With so much going on in your life right now, postpartum diapers may be the best option for you. They help to absorb blood or urine, control odor, and keep clothes dry. While pads are sometimes used, they do not offer the same type of protection. Postpartum diapers are designed for full, adult bladders, and can absorb a lot more fluid. Additionally, they offer peace of mind that your clothes and bed sheets stay clean and dry.

C and C

Adult postpartum diapers offer two big C’s. Comfort and Convenience. The diapers are more comfortable than pads. They will not slip, and you will be able to move around more easily than you would if wearing pads.

The diapers also offer more convenience. They are easily changed and replaced when needed. They can be the perfect short-term solution for incontinence while you recover from childbirth.

What’s Next

Incontinence and bladder leakage can be embarrassing to talk about. It is certainly not what you want to focus on after giving birth. It is one of those things that happens and must be dealt with.

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