Top 5 Product-Related Questions for Men Managing Urinary and Bowel Incontinence

Top 5 Related Products for Men Managing Urinary and Bowel Incontinence

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Active men can manage any level of incontinence without worrying about leaks. With the right men's diapers, working out, playing golf, and enjoying time with friends is possible. There are products in various sizes and styles that help you stay dry and confident.

As a man new to incontinence, you may not know what to try or which product to use. Research helps. Educate yourself on products so you can get the best results.

The more information you have, the faster you can find a better product. Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions. 

What Is the Best Product for Male Incontinence? 

The best male incontinence product will depend on a man's incontinence. Every man is different, and so are his needs. Here are some examples that can help answer this question: 

If a man has occasional bladder leaks, he may benefit from using a quality male guard. Male guards contain absorbent coverage in the front. Men can use these in regular underwear and replace them as needed. Guards only absorb light leaks, so keep that in mind when selecting your product. 

Which male incontinence product is for you? Guard, liner, or brief?

If a man has moderate bladder (and bowel) leaks, he could benefit from a liner or incontinence pad. Incontinence pads offer more coverage and absorbency than male guards. Like male guards, incontinence pads can be used in regular underwear. Incontinence pads are a good option if you need more absorbency and prefer wearing a pad. 

If a man has heavy urinary leakage (overactive bladder or overflow incontinence), he could benefit from a pull up or adult diaper with tabs. Heavier leaks require more absorbent products. Men should pay attention to the ounces a product absorbs. Products with at least 30 ounces of absorbency are considered superabsorbent. 

If a man has total incontinence, meaning he cannot control his voids, he may benefit from using a heavy-duty adult diaper or pull-on. An example would be the MEGAMAX adult diaper. As is evident, the best male incontinence product depends on many factors. 

The Adult Diaper with MEGA Protection | NorthShore MEGAMAX

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If you still have questions, we recommend using our free Product Finder tool to discover product recommendations. 

How Much Are Men's Diapers?

The cost of men's diapers (both underwear and brief style) will be dependent on the brand and quantity of product in the package. Brands that cost less are typically not as absorbent. As the phrase goes, you get what you pay for. 

Here's a breakdown of men's diapers on NorthShore. 

MEGAMAX Men's Diaper With Tabs 

MEGAMAX Briefs price per package and case

Package of Medium Briefs, White 

Package price - $33.50*

Amount in a pack - 10 briefs

Price per brief - $3.35*

Case price - $114.99*

Amount in a case - 40 briefs 

Price per brief - $2.87* 

* Prices are in USD and subject to change. Prices do not include tax or shipping costs.

Note: You save more per brief when you order by the case. Remember, these are the most premium men's diapers on NorthShore. They are costlier, but they offer quality leakage protection. You can also save on the number of briefs you use. For example, instead of using 5 briefs a day, you may only need 2 or 3. 

GoSupreme Men's Pull-On Diapers

GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear for men price per package and case

Package of Medium Underwear, White 

Package price - $28.50*

Amount in a pack - 14 underwear

Price per brief - $2.03*

Case price - $96.99* 

Amount in a case - 56 underwear

Price per brief - $1.73*

*Prices are in USD and subject to change. Prices do not include tax or shipping costs. 

How Do I Find the Best-Fitting Men's Diaper? 

To find the best-fitting men's diaper, measure yourself. Use a tape measure to measure around your waist and hips. Remember that some brands offer smaller or European sizing. Make sure you have a secure fit around the leg areas because this is where leaks occur.

BLOG-IMAGE-Measuring Guide 02.png

How to measure yourself: 

  1. Measure around your waist at the widest part of your torso. Record that number in inches. 

  2. Stand with your heels together and measure around the fullest part of your hips. Record that number in inches. 

  3. Use the larger of the two numbers to find your size. 

For example, if you measure 35 inches in your waist and 38 inches in your hips, you will most likely fall into a size Medium.

Tip: The secret to finding the best-fitting men's diaper is ordering samples! When in doubt, order samples in two sizes to see how they fit. You may notice that one size feels better than the other. NorthShore offers adult diaper samples

How Long Do Men's Adult Diapers Last? 

Men's diapers, like any disposable incontinence product, can absorb only so much. The brand and style of men's diapers affect how long a product can last. Absorbent diapers offer protection from 6 to 12 hours.

An adult diaper, such as the MEGAMAX, can hold up to 49 ounces of liquid or 12 hours of protection. GoSupreme, a top-selling underwear, can hold up to 8 hours of protection. 

Depending on each man's level of incontinence and the frequency of his voids, a men's diaper can last hours or overnight. 

Whether you are a man managing urinary or bowel leakage, you want to use a diaper that fits and offers enough protection. 

What Are the Best Bowel Incontinence Pads for Men? 

The best bowel incontinence pads should offer adequate coverage, feel comfortable, and be discreet. DynaDry Supreme Liners are a reliable option for men. 

Why men should consider DynaDry Supreme Liners:

  • Available in various sizes 

  • Offer excellent absorbency 

  • Form-fitting 

  • Rustle-free

“I have moderate urinary incontinence and sudden urges from OAB and these absorb an amazing amount! Many pads on the market don't have standing leak guards, but these do. DynaDry Liners keep me dry and comfortable. I highly recommend them for those who want some peace of mind.” 


– Bryce, Verified NorthShore Buyer 


DynaDry Supreme pads fit in regular underwear thanks to their adhesive backing. Tall leak guards built into the pad prevent leaks for side sleepers. The figure 8 shape offers coverage in the front and rear where leakage occurs. 

If you are a man looking for a heavy-duty bowel incontinence pad, consider DynaDry Supreme Liners

Men can manage incontinence without worrying about leaks. Men's diapers allow men the security, confidence, and peace of mind to continue to do the things they love. 

Educate yourself to make the best decisions. There are products tailored to your specific needs. You can manage incontinence with research, trial and error, and a positive mindset.

Learn more about men's adult diapers on NorthShore. Request samples of products today!

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