Helpful Ways to Handle Your Incontinence: Male Edition

As you probably already know, incontinence is a common condition among Americans. Still, many people still don't feel comfortable talking about it. It's a difficult condition to manage and it can take a toll on someone on a physical and mental level. In an effort to help our customers managing incontinence and to help diminish the stigma associated with male incontinence we have created a list of how you can manage your incontinence on a daily basis. 

Tips for Managing Incontinence at Home:

  • Have the right products (with the appropriate absorbency and fit) for your needs on hand at all times. This can include guards, incontinence pads, disposable chux or even protective underwear to keep you protected during the day or night.


  • Use protective sheets on pieces of furniture that are used the most.

  • Have heavy duty disposal bags available in the bathroom and bedroom if accidents occur.

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor, kegels are not only for women. Read this article here for more information on how to do them. 

Tips for Managing Incontinence at Work: 

  • Bring an extra bag of clothes and your regular products in case an accident happens.

  • Wear dark slacks in case leaks happen and these aren’t easily seen.

  • Plan a regular routine to go to the bathroom at work to prevent accidents.

  • Discuss your condition with an HR representative so they are aware of the

    issue, if you feel comfortable.
  • Lay off or cut down on the amount of beer, wine or coffee that may cause increased urination.

Tips for Managing Incontinence with Peers

  • Discuss it with your closest guy friends. Your close friends are your friends for a reason, like any relationship it’s important to be honest with them about all challenges that you face.

  • Know your limits and your body. If your friends want to go on strenuous hikes, go out for drinks, or other activities that set off leaks and let them know of these limits as well.

Tips for Managing Incontinence with Your Spouse/Significant Other

  • Discuss with your significant other on a regular basis. The more you include your significant other the less you’ll feel alone.

  • There are many online support groups that you have available to you. One popular support group is Daily Strength that is forum set up style.

    support group where you can ask questions and have others respond. 

  • Prepare for intimacy with your partner and find ways to manage incontinence if it happens. This article helps explain how to handle certain situations with your partner.

Tips for Self-Care During Incontinence: 

  • Take time to learn your body and understand what triggers an accident. Is it a specific type of food? Is it a drink? Perhaps stress? Before or after a specific activity? The more you understand your body the better you can prepare yourself in the future. 

  • Research as much as you can about new incontinence products online. There are always new products coming from various brands and supply companies specifically designed for men. New products can make the biggest difference to your day, mood and your life. 

  • Challenge your mind and your happiness with a different perspective. We all have issues that we have to face on a daily basis some are physical some are mental. The more self-aware you are, the better you’ll be able to handle your incontinence or any other condition that you have. What's the first step to greatness? Being honest with yourself. Read more about that here

Male incontinence is difficult, but there are many ways you can handle it and still live a fulfilling life. We hope that these tips helped you. You’re not alone. There are many organizations and people that are helping. The stigma of incontinence is slowly but surely diminishing.