Caring for Someone With Incontinence? Learn About the Products and Services to Make Life Easier

Products and Services to help manage Senior Incontinence

The waiting game can be a long and strenuous one for family caregivers. Time moves slowly when waiting to see a doctor or hear back on test results. Your days are busy too. 

The laundry basket seems to pile up faster than it does to empty. Doctor's appointments and errands can take up the whole day. Before you know it, it is nine o'clock and time for bed. If your loved one is managing incontinence, having the right products can make the biggest difference. 

There are many types of products that offer protection for bladder and bowel leaks. You want to ensure your loved one uses the best products to keep them comfortable and dry. Learn about NorthShore's products and services that can make life easier for you and your loved one. 

Leak-Proof Adult Diapers

Incontinence can be difficult and frustrating, but it is manageable. The right products can offer peace of mind, leak protection, and comfort. Adult pull ups and diapers with tabs are two popular styles that many caregivers trust. 

NorthShore offers products that offer up to 3x the protection of retail brands. When using our products, you can rest assured that your loved one is getting the best in leakage protection. Our wicking technology helps keep skin dry and odors at bay. For caregivers, quality incontinence products can mean fewer nighttime changes. For loved ones, better-quality products offer more sleep and a better quality of life.  

Adult Diapers for Seniors with Incontinence

Is your loved one using the best product? There are a variety of senior diapers available on NorthShore. MEGAMAX Briefs are tab-style diapers that offer up to 12 hours of protection. MEGAMAX can help caregivers and seniors manage heavier voids during any time of the day. 

“MEGAMAX Briefs are very absorbent. They make my life as a caregiver easier. Thank you.” 

-Brenda R., Verified NorthShore Buyer

NorthShore MegaMax Adult Diapers, for managing senior incontinence

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If you prefer adult pull ups, consider GoSupreme Underwear. Thousands of customers across the country use GoSupreme Underwear for incontinence protection. GoSupreme is super absorbent, soft, and discreet. The underwear offers smaller leg openings to accommodate individuals with thin legs. 

“I was worried if [GoSupreme Underwear] would work for my aunt, but she said she really likes them and her caregivers like them too. Apparently they fit well, haven't leaked, and are comfortable.” 

-Jeannine T., Verified NorthShore Buyer

NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-Ons for managing senior incontinence

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How do you know which product will work best for your loved one? Which style will fit the best? End the guessing game and get answers with NorthShore's Product Finder Tool

Product Finder Tool 

Finding the right incontinence product for loved ones can be tricky for many reasons. They may be hesitant to use adult diapers. It can also be difficult because you are unsure what size and fit to choose. Many seniors wear the wrong-sized incontinence product. This results in leaks and discomfort. The Product Finder tool helps families get a better idea of what type of product to choose. 

The process takes less than a minute and is only a few questions. After you submit your information, you will see a list of expert-recommended products. You will see all of the sizes, styles, colors offered, as well as customer reviews. 

Adult Diaper Samples

Are you torn between two products? You can request samples online or over the phone. The sample program allows you to try six different types of products from the comfort of your home*. There is no obligation to make a purchase when requesting samples. Simply try the products and see how they work. 

*Taxes and delivery fees may apply. 

Free Product Subscription Service

Congrats, you found a product that works for your loved one. To ensure that they have their items on hand 24/7, consider Auto Ship. Auto Ship allows you to stay on a regular schedule so you never run out of product. The last thing you want to do is run to Walgreens at midnight to get diapers! 

Save time with NorthShore's Auto Ship program. Sign up and get 5% off on your future orders. You can pause or cancel Auto Ship at any time. 

Get Peace of Mind During Challenging Times

Challenging situations arise when caring for someone. Products and services can help make life easier. There are ways to get additional help for your loved one if needed.

A Place for Mom is a platform that helps families find assisted care facilities for their loved ones. Their advisors arrange tours, compare care options, and can help plan the logistics of a move. Best of all, their services are free

Caregiving is one of the most demanding experiences a person can go through in life. Sometimes, a family member steps into caregiving without notice. We understand your loved one means the world to you, and we hope our products can make life a little easier. 

Learn about our products and services online, or call (800) 563-0161.

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