Introducing New Adult Diapers Made in the USA*

NorthShore MEGMAX USA Packaging

Total Lockdown Protection – Now Made in the USA*

NorthShore is dedicated to providing solutions that improve the lives of those managing incontinence. Our commitment to creating a quality adult diaper that prevents leaks and allows people to live with freedom and dignity is at the core of everything we do. We constantly solicit customer feedback and do our best to implement product improvements that meet the needs of our users. Over the years we’ve received numerous requests for products made in American, and today we’re proud to announce we’re launching two new adult diapers made in the USA.


Introducing MegaMax Made in the USA

MegaMax is NorthShore’s flagship tab-style brief. A hero in the absorbent product category, MegaMax has been designed to support those with even the heaviest control problems. Offering up to 12 hours of dry, leak-free protection, MegaMax allows those with incontinence and their caregivers the freedom to live their everyday lives without constantly managing changes or worrying about leaks. MegaMax Made in the USA is no different. This adult diaper has the same extra tall leak guards, refastenable tape tabs, full width landing zone, and plastic backing fans have come to know and love.

New Feature: Fade-Away Wetness Indicators

MegaMax Made in the USA wetness indicator is printed down the center and fades away when wet to signal the user or caregiver when it's time to change.

Initial Availability and Future Plans

The US-made version is currently available in white and sizes S-XL. We plan to expand to include more colors and sizes soon. A wider selection of colors and sizes remains available in classic MegaMax.

Looking to try new MegaMax made in the USA for yourself? Request a sample online or call (800) 563-0161 to speak to a member of our customer care team.

Positive Customer Review

"NorthShore MegaMax Made in the USA - Excellent Quality! Congratulations to the NorthShore team for creating a US-made MegaMax that is equal to, if not better than, the original!" - Steven F.

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MegaMax Now Comes in Lite!

For those seeking premium leak protection without the bulk, we present MegaMax Lite, another US-made adult diaper! MegaMax Lite offers up to 6 hours of protection for moderate incontinence or daytime use. This lighter-absorbency option boasts the same trusted features as MegaMax, including:

Unique Feature: Plastic Backsheet for Bowel Incontinence

Unlike most moderate-absorbency adult diapers, MegaMax Lite features a plastic backsheet to prevent leaks, odors, and sagging – ideal for managing bowel incontinence.

Combining MegaMax Products for Optimal Protection

Many users choose to combine adult diapers for day and nighttime wear. Consider using MegaMax Lite during the day and MegaMax for overnight protection. NorthShore also allows customers to create custom cases by mixing and matching any four adult diapers or pull-ons for a 10% discount!

NorthShore: Committed to Innovation in Adult Diapers

For over 20 years, NorthShore has been a leader in incontinence solutions, offering unique products not found elsewhere. We specialize in high-absorbency adult diapers for heavy incontinence. Our new US-made adult diapers demonstrate our commitment to exceptional products and responsive customer service.

Curious which NorthShore incontinence supplies are right for you?

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Made in the USA with USA and Imported Components

Regardless of absorbency level, all adult diapers should be changed immediately following a bowel movement.


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