Taking Back Control: A Young Man's Journey with a Neurogenic Bladder

In your 20s, life is supposed to be about freedom, exploration, and pushing boundaries. But for Trevor, a young man diagnosed with Neurogenic Bladder at 26, a constant fear of leaks and uncontrollable urgency threatened to steal that away. "Losing control of your bladder is not something easy to deal with," he admits. "There were days I wouldn't leave the house, embarrassed and frustrated."

Neurogenic Bladder, a condition where the brain struggles to communicate with the bladder, caused frequent and unpredictable urgency in Trevor. "Sometimes, I could barely hold it for an hour," he explains. "Other days, it was every 5-7 minutes. It was incredibly stressful."

The emotional toll was just as significant. Cancelled plans, social isolation, and the constant worry of leaks became a daily reality. But Trevor wasn't about to let his condition define him. Determined to find a solution, he sought advice from his urologist and found solace in a continence support group.

It was there that Trevor discovered NorthShore, a company specializing in incontinence products. What initially attracted him was the discreet home delivery. "No more awkward trips to the pharmacy," he says with relief. "Northshore made managing this condition so much easier."

But the real game-changers were the products themselves. Trevor found the Supreme Fitted Briefs to be a reliable solution for nights and particularly challenging days at home. He also appreciates the range of products offered, mentioning, "There are even pull-on options for when I'm feeling more active – that's something I might consider in the future."

Trevor's journey hasn't been easy. Accepting the need for incontinence products took time. "It wasn't something I wanted to deal with," he admits. "But thanks to companies like Northshore, managing my condition feels less daunting. Now, I have the confidence to focus on living my life, not my bladder."

Trevor's story is a testament to the importance of finding the right support and solutions. With the help of NorthShore, he's taking back the freedom and dignity he deserves.

Hello my name is Trevor and I'm 30 and suffering from Neurogenic Bladder. My urologist says the connection to my brain to my bladder is giving off the wrong signals which causes severe bladder spams, and in some cases during the day - leakage. My system are primarily urgency incontinence and nocturnal enuresis (Adult Bedwetting) as I cannot hold my bladder on a good day for more than an hour and on a bad day every 5-7 minutes. Dealing with urgency incontinence in my opinion is the worst kind of incontinence as its not like most types where you just leak - its the sudden urgency of having to go and not being able to control it in many cases. During those times, i typically isolate at home - partially because I'm embarrassed of the condition which started at 26 and worsened at 27 - but those are things I'm still working on.

I came across Northshore through a Continence support group - and tried some of there products as I typically get my continence products from a Medical Supply Store. Being able to have my products shipped discretely to my door rather than having to go in person to buy them; makes it so much easier to manage. Northshore Products such as the Supreme Fitted Brief - I have found to be adequate enough for overnight purposes and on those bad days when i typically stay home and deal with daytime urgency issues. I am lucky enough that my daytime issues are not a constant thing, mostly brought on my stress and dietary changes - however if I did suffer all the time - I would not hestitate to purchase there Pull On Products so I can live an active life while managing my bladder condition.

Losing control of your bladder is not something that is easy to deal with in your 20's - and it took myself a while to accept the need to wear protection which was recommended by my Urologist after many treatments. I am thankful for a company like Northshore exists that has good customer service and quality diapers that make dealing with my bladder control problem much easier to manage.




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