Conquering Cinema: How I Enjoyed Movies Again with NorthShore Care


Going Back to the Movies

D. shares his story

It might be because I used to work in a movie theater when I was younger, but I have always loved movies. Being in a theater, watching the story unfold on a larger-than-life screen with sound that makes you feel like you’re there – I’ve always found it magical.

However, in my 40s, I began to have trouble with my prostate, and it made sitting for long stretches in a movie theater more difficult. Back then, there were only a few options when it came to protection, and none of them were very good. I tried going to the movies a few times during that period, but I always ended up missing important moments while in the bathroom or with wet pants. It got to the point where I would carry baby wipes with me in a baggie, so I could at least wipe down the vinyl seat before leaving – something I did before the movie finished and before all the lights came on. Then I stopped going to the movies all together.

Since then, the number of options for incontinence products has gotten far better. I remember when I first discovered a new company called NorthShore Care Supply, and they offered to send me some free samples.

This would normally be the part of the story where I say, “the heavens parted, and my life changed forever, all thanks to superior incontinence solutions.” But I’ve never had a flair for the dramatic.

Instead, I’ll just say that with the help of NorthShore’s Supreme briefs, I have been able to start watching and, even better, enjoying movies in the theater again. Just last weekend, I bought a bag of popcorn and a large drink without a single worry in the world. It was every bit as wonderful as I remembered.

Thank you, NorthShore, for letting me enjoy something I thought I’d lost forever.

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