Discover the Best Adult Diapers (And Pads) for Fecal Incontinence. Stay Protected And Free From Leaks, Odors & Embarrassment

Best adult diapers for fecal incontinence

Being in a state of panic is no way to live. People managing bowel incontinence may feel like they are in a constant state of anxiety. Are you using the best fecal incontinence products?  

You may have tried products and found they do not protect against bowel leaks. You might have felt leaks or noticed stains on your pants. You noticed odors, embarrassed someone might notice. 

Good news. There are bowel incontinence products that can help you stay protected. Products designed to contain the heaviest bowel leaks and help contain odors. 

NorthShore offers styles and sizes of bowel incontinence products. Learn the products you should consider. Start living life without fear and with more confidence. 

Best Adult Diapers for Bowel Incontinence 

Quality adult diapers for fecal incontinence provide peace of mind outside the house. NorthShore recommends people with bowel incontinence use adult diapers with tabs. 


Because individuals wearing diapers with tabs can adjust the fit as needed. The tabs allow for a tighter fit around the leg area (where most leaks occur). The plastic exterior helps to contain odors better than diapers with a breathable backing. 

What are the best adult diapers for bowel incontinence?

MEGAMAX Adult Diapers (Top Rated)

MEGAMAX has MEGA absorbency. MEGAMAX offers up to 12 hours of total lockdown protection day and night. If you are managing heavy bowel leaks, this diaper is for you. No matter the size, MEGAMAX is the best in total protection for bowel incontinence. 

MEGAMAX diapers for heavy to total fecal incontinence

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MEGAMAX features:

  • An absorbent core

  • Powerful wicking 

  • Durable plastic exterior (for odor control)

"MEGAMAX is the only diaper that I have had any kind of success with and is the only adult diaper I trust."

-Harvey F., Verified NorthShore Reviewer 

Supreme Briefs

Supreme Briefs are top-sellers in protection and style. In the category of fecal incontinence products, they rank high with MEGAMAX. While they are not as absorbent, they are still considered heavy-duty. Not sure if this one's for you? Adult diaper samples are available.

Supreme diapers for fecal incontinence

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Supreme features:

  • Coverage in the front and rear

  • Stand-up leak guards

  • Four-strand leg cuffs

"Supreme Briefs are great because of the comfort they offer. Odor control gives me the confidence I can continue my day and not be embarrassed. No doubt they have changed my ability to leave the house and live freely." 

-Chris P., Verified NorthShore Buyer 


Bowel Incontinence Pads

Bowel incontinence pads can be hard to find. Drugstores may have large pads, but they may not offer the coverage or protection you need. We suggest pads that are longer, wider, and super absorbent. 

What are the best pads for bowel incontinence? 

DynaDry Supreme Liners.

For moderate bowel leakage, a pad, such as NorthShore DynaDry Supreme may be enough for some individuals. The contoured shape is great for containing bowel movements in the rear. You can use the pad in regular underwear. 

bowel incontinence pads for light fecal incontinence

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DynaDry Supreme features:

  • A super absorbent lining (in the front and rear)

  • Tall leak guards

  • An adhesive strip to fit in underwear 

"DynaDry Supreme has all the qualities that are important to stay dry. It reaches from one end to the other and does not irritate as shorter pads do." 

-Ann R., Verified NorthShore Buyer 

Dependable diapers for fecal incontinence products allow you to live a leak-free life. Cleaning and disposal supplies also help. 

Wipes and disposal bags can help make diaper changes more efficient. 

Skin & Odor Control Products for Managing Bowel Incontinence 

Skin health is a top priority, especially when using bowel incontinence products. It's important to keep skin clean and to avoid breakdowns. Adult wipes can help!

Heavy-Duty Quilted Wipes

Supreme Quilted Wipes are heavy-duty yet soft. They are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Supreme wipes are unscented and alcohol-free. 

These adult wipes clean up heavy bowel messes. They are much larger than other wipes and can resist fingernail tears. 

Heavy-duty wipes for cleaning bowel leaks

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Supreme Quilted Wipes features:

  • Adult sizing - 9 in by 13 in (22.86 cm by 33.02 cm)

  • Aloe and Calendula to soothe the skin

"These are a great size to handle any bodily cleaning from any excrement. They smell great and they do great work. Very soft on the skin." 

-Thomas P., Verified NorthShore Buyer 

Scented Disposal Bags

Where do I dispose of my soiled bowel incontinence products? 

DiscreetShield Disposal Bags are large enough to contain adult-sized products. DiscreetShield bags offer a fresh powder scent that masks unpleasant odors. The bags are more durable than flimsy grocery bags. Best of all, they offer more discretion with their blue color. 

disposal bags for containing soiled diapers with fecal matter

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Individuals managing bowel incontinence may find it challenging to find products that work. It can be even more difficult to leave the house and have to worry about leaks. No one managing incontinence wants to feel embarrassed when they leave the house. 

Products are available to help in managing bowel incontinence. Products help contain the heaviest leaks so that you can live without worry. 

Consider diapers for fecal incontinence such as MEGAMAX and Supreme. Use the best adult wipes to keep your body clean. DiscreetShield Bags help to contain soiled items. 

Not sure which one to try? 

Start your leak-free journey today, request free adult diaper samples, or call (800) 563-0161.

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