6 Summer Essential Urinary and Bladder Incontinence Products To Keep You Comfortable & Dry

Celebrate in Comfort with Incontinence Products from NorthShore!

Imagine yourself soaking up the summer sun, free from the stress of leaks and discomfort. Whether you're traveling, splashing by the pool, or enjoying family picnics, NorthShore has the incontinence solutions you need to stay comfortably dry and confident all-season long.

Don't let worrying about your incontinence hold you back from summer fun. Our breathable adult diapers and liners are designed to keep you feeling fresh and secure, even in the hottest weather. 

Experience the difference this summer:

    • Say goodbye to sweaty discomfort: Our innovative designs feature breathable materials that promote airflow and minimize irritation.

    • Enjoy leak-proof confidence: Feel secure knowing our absorbent products can handle whatever activities your day throws your way.

    • Embrace worry-free adventures: Go ahead, hit the beach, explore new cities, or reconnect with loved ones – we've got you covered.

Ready to reclaim your summer freedom?
Explore our range of breathable incontinence solutions and discover how NorthShore can help you conquer the season with confidence.

Summer essentials

MEGAMAX AirLock Tab-Style Briefs

Breathability with Landing Zone & Adhesive Tabs

Who says you can't feel cooler while wearing absorbent adult diapers? MEGAMAX AirLock makes it easier for adults to have ultimate protection and comfort. It has a breathable exterior which helps skin stay cool. The brief can withstand liquid for up to 9 hours, ideal for day and night usage. Refastenable adhesive tabs secure to a plastic landing zone and body-close elastics give the perfect fit. Ideal for adults managing severe to total (urinary and bowel) incontinence.

Also available in less bulky MEGAMAX AirLock Lite!

NorthShore MegaMax AirLock Tab-Style Briefs

DynaDry Pads

Contoured Pads for Lighter Leaks

Incontinence pads may cause irritation or the sensation of feeling hot when used. But not with DynaDry Pads. The figure-8 shape offers individuals a more comfortable fit. Coverage in the front and rear help them to stay in place. DynaDry Pads offer a waterproof backing and an adhesive strip that fits in underwear. They are a top choice for women managing light urinary incontinence.

NorthShore DynaDry Bladder Control Pads

DoubleStop Male Guards

Full Coverage Guards for Men

DoubleStop Guards are a top choice for men who want a more absorbent guard. Their triangular shape offers more coverage in front. A common area where more urinary leaks occur. Their Dry Fast Core wicks wetness away from the body, leaving skin dry. All guards offer an adhesive backing that keeps them secure in underwear. DoubleStop Guards also have a soft backsheet which offers more discretion during changes. Available in two popular sizes (regular and XL).

NorthShore DoubleStop Male Guards

GoSupreme Lite

Lightweight, Breathable, Snug-fitting Pull On 

GoSupreme Lite is the ultimate summer pull-up for adults. It offers the same features as our GoSupreme but is less absorbent. With up to 6 hours of protection, this is the best daytime, breathable pull-on to wear during summer. The underwear offers a body-close, snug fit. Improved leg elastics and dual leak guards make this a top product in leak prevention. Comfort and fit are what this product is all about. Now available in white and black.

NorthShore GoSupreme Lite Pull-ons

Supreme Quilted Wipes

Best Adult Wipes for Summer

Individuals managing incontinence can enjoy using personal care products to stay fresh. Supreme Quilted Wipes are the most popular accessories. They are much larger than the average wipe (9x13 inches), heavy-duty, and irritant-free. Wipes such as these are great for individuals with sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic, unscented, and alcohol-free.

NorthShore Supreme Adult Wipes

EternaDry Booster Pad

Boosting Absorbency, Decreasing Leaks

Disposable incontinence products have limits on how much they can absorb. EternaDry Booster Pads extend the life of any adult diaper or pull-on. EternaDry Pads are super-absorbent, discreet, and available in sizes XS-2XL. They are slim and have an adhesive backing, so usin

NorthShore EternaDry Booster Pads

Remember that fit is crucial when using incontinence products. To get the most out of them, measure yourself or a loved one. We always recommend measuring the waist and hip. The size depends on how well the product performs. In other words, individuals in the wrong size may experience leaks and discomfort. You can also request samples to see how these products fit before purchasing.

The summer is a fun time to enjoy time with loved ones. Individuals can enjoy summer with peace of mind without the worry of leaks. Adults can feel more confident when using breathable incontinence products. Say goodbye to feeling hot and sticky while wearing absorbent incontinence products. NorthShore has made it easier to enjoy summer with reliable protection.

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