Prioritize the Right Fit as Light Isn’t Always Right

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Why You Need the Right Fit (And Not the Light Fit)

For anyone new to the heavy incontinence community, welcome. It’s not a badge that many wear with honor, and you’re probably not overly thrilled to be here. But, regardless, we promise to be there with you and for you, in all ways possible.

We’ve all heard some version of “X is just a number” before. You can fill in the blank with any societal pressure or bias of your choice – whether it’s age or weight or social media likes – but, the mentality is the same. These different numbers that exist within and around our lives should not be given more importance than they deserve (read: very, very little).

And in the same way we’ve all gotten used to telling our friends on the brink of their next milestone birthday, that age is “just a number,” and with the same enthusiasm that we assure our loved ones struggling to lose those pesky holiday party pounds that size is “just a number,” we’re here to scream from the rooftops that your diaper’s absorbency level is definitely “just a number” as well.

It absolutely does not define you. But it can support you – if used properly.

Just like you would never encourage your partner to squeeze into a one-size-too-small pair of jeans just because the number on the tag was more appealing, you should never sacrifice your comfort and leak protection for the allure of wearing a lighter absorbency diaper. As with most things in life, smaller does not mean better.

And while we know you know this on a logical level, the emotional level is often far more difficult to convince – which is why we’ve laid out all the reasons why it’s worth remembering that light isn’t always right, but right is always, always best.

Don't Let Incontinence Hold You Back: Prioritize the Right Fit

Adult diapers with an inadequate absorbency and fit for heavy incontinence will leave you feeling damp and vulnerable to leaks. At NorthShore Care, we believe in all-or-nothing leak protection. Your incontinence supplies should keep you dry and confident throughout the day.

1. The first and most important goal is staying dry.

It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. If your adult diapers and incontinence supplies are not keeping you dry and protected from leaks, they are not worth your time, money, or effort. At NorthShore Care Supply, we are firm believers that incontinence leak protection is an all-or-nothing check box. There’s no consolation prize for second best or “almost dry.” It’s all-day leak protection or bust. And if the lighter alternatives aren’t doing what you need them to do – if they are not keeping you dry and leak-free, then they are not right for you. (!!!!)

2. Leakproof Confidence: It's a Private Matter

This one is probably the hardest to remember when the first tinge of insecurity strikes, but no one is going to know what kind of undergarments you are wearing – diaper, guard, liner, boxer, brief, “granny panty,” or otherwise. Just like we’re pretty sure that no one’s ever reached down the back of your shirt to double check your tag’s size, we’re pretty confident no one would ask you for the details of your diaper’s absorbency level (unless of course they are looking for a good recommendation, in which case, you’ll know where to send them). Your incontinence wear is a private matter for you and you alone, or you and whoever you trust, to know. And if rule #1 is working as it should (see above), it will stay that way.

3. Freedom through Reliable Protection

The whole point of wearing an adult diaper or any other kind of absorbency product is so you can feel like you again. Incontinence, even total incontinence, should not rule your life, and it definitely should not ruin it. NorthShore products are specially designed to ensure the highest degree of leak protection and hours-long comfort so that you can be free to think about absolutely anything else. It’s a “set it and forget it” kind of experience. So if the question is a choice between a lighter product that you need to change every hour or a more absorbent product that you don’t have to worry about for the entire day… the answer suddenly feels very obvious, no?

4. Confidence and Comfort Go Hand-in-Hand

There’s nothing comfortable about constantly checking yourself for leaks. And there’s definitely nothing comfortable about handling an unexpected leak in a public place. But when you’re confident in your absorbency product’s ability to offer you the utmost protection, you can finally go about your day with ease – you can finally breathe. When you’re confident in your diaper, it empowers you to embrace life without limitations.

5. Better Safe Than Sorry: Choose the Right Absorbency

It's always wise to be prepared for the unexpected. When it comes to incontinence management, there's no reason to take risks. Choosing a lighter absorbency level than you need won't win you any awards. But prioritizing the right fit and maximum absorbency can empower you to achieve optimal dryness, comfort, and confidence. 

You're Not Alone: NorthShore Care Can Help

Incontinence is a manageable condition, and you deserve to live life to the fullest without leaks or limitations. Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care team or give our product finder a try for personalized recommendations. Remember, you're not alone in this journey. NorthShore Care Supply is here to empower you with the freedom and dignity you deserve.


Regardless of capacity, an absorbent product must be changed immediately following a bowel movement.





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