ABDLs - A Growing Community of Adults Who Wear Diapers

Man and woman blowing bubbles

Who Are ABDLs? – ABDLs known as Adult Baby Diaper Lovers is a community of adults that consist of two subgroups. One group consists of the adult babies in which adults act like a baby, wear baby attire including diapers and perform other baby activities. Diaper lovers consist of the other half of the group. Diaper lovers are not as interested in role-playing as a baby, but instead, prefer wearing diapers over regular underwear. Diaper lovers may have first started using diapers while managing incontinence and have grown to admire the feel and look of diapers, but incontinence is not always the beginning of their admiration for them. 

What do ABDLs like? – Often many ABs like super absorbent, loud or “crinkly” diapers with tabs. Poly backing is the preferred back sheet for this community. ABDL diapers are bulky, preferably with cute prints or childish designs. Stars, stuffed animals, and superheroes are common characters on these diapers. ABs also like onesies, pacifiers, bottles, adult size bibs and other accessories they can use to truly feel like a baby. DLs may or may not favor all of those characteristics, but are also open to a variety of diaper styles, especially the tab-style briefs with a cloth-like back sheet.

What is their identity all about? - There’s no one reason why individuals claim their identity as an ABDL but many of them like the emotional feeling they get from wearing diapers or acting like a baby. Many of them like the texture of diapers, it makes them feel safe and secure. Their community is active in the online sphere but is slowly becoming more face to face. Forum sites such as Reddit, Adisc, and Daily Diapers are just a couple of the most popular online sites where ABDLs meet. Their forums consist of diaper reviews, photos, and discussion of where to find recommended accessories.

Are you part of the ABDL community? Whether you are an adult baby or diaper lover, know that NorthShore is ABDL friendly! 

ABDL Diapers

We carry Crinklz diapers that come in the astronaut, aquanaut and original prints. We also carry Dotty diapers with charming pony designs on a bright pink background. 

   Crinklz diapers in the astronaut, aquanaut and original prints
Dotty diapers with pony designs

We also carry poly backed diapers. The NorthShore Supreme is our most absorbent, poly-backed tab-style brief. This is our most absorbent overnight brief that is extra thick and noisy. If you prefer more bulk then you can also use a NorthShore booster pad inside the brief. They come in white, green, blue and purple.

NorthShore Supreme Briefs in white, blue, green and purple

Whether you’re using a diaper for your AB lifestyle or your DL lifestyle, make sure you view visit our selection of diapers for the ABDL community. We’re sure you’ll find something you'll like.