Best Incontinence Products for 2024

The new year is a great opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. What's something that didn't work for you this last year? What do you want to improve to feel happier and healthier? Maybe you want to travel more. Maybe you want to be more active. Maybe you want to get out and spend more time with friends and family.

If the fear of leaks or cheap absorbent products has kept you from living your best life, then this is the year to upgrade from store brands and choose premium incontinence protection that works. You deserve a quality product that is going to give you the freedom to do the things you love.

Guide to the Best Incontinence Care Products

Between drugstores, medical supply shops, and online retailers there are an overwhelming number of choices for incontinence protection, so how can you choose the right one? The NorthShore team has created a guide for the best incontinence supplies for 2024 for every situation.

Best High-Absorbency Adult Diaper

If you're dealing with moderate to heavy incontinence, you're going to want a high-capacity product. Most store brands are designed for light leaks rather than full voids and won't hold up for all-day wear. If you're looking for total lockdown leak protection for even heavy incontinence, we recommend our top-rated adult diaper MEGAMAX.

Did you know? MEGAMAX is available in 5 colors: white, black, blue, pink and tie-dye!
  • Up to 12-hour capacity for all-day or all-night protection
  • Refastenable tape tabs can be adjusted throughout the day for a secure fit
  • Plastic backsheet helps the diaper maintain its shape and blocks odors
  • Tall, stand-up leak guards provide added protection for active users or side sleepers

Best Pull-Up Adult Diapers

Are you looking for the perfect blend of protection and comfort? Many adults prefer pull-up incontinence underwear. Pull-on underwear is usually made with a soft, cloth-like material. It will keep you cooler in warm weather and is quieter and more discreet than a plastic-backed diaper. For pull-up adult diapers we recommend GoSupreme.

GoSupreme-Black.jpg Why GoSupreme?
  • Up to 8 hours of worry-free protection
  • Extra coverage in the front, rear and sides
  • Body close elastics for a snug fit
  • Discreet incontinence solution
  • Silky-smooth feel against your skin for comfort
  • Variety of sizes from S-3XL


Best Bowel Incontinence Products

When managing fecal incontinence or anal leakage select an adult diaper that offers additional protection in the rear of the product. Remember, it’s important to change after every bowel void regardless of the diaper capacity. For that reason, we recommend a lighter absorbency product and have selected MEGAMAX AirLock Lite as the best bowel incontinence product for 2024.

MegaMax AirLock Lite White Pack No Size.jpg
Want something lighter? DynaDry Supreme Pads are one of the only pads that protect against urinary and bowel leaks. They are extra-long and wide enough to contain moderate bowel voids.
Why MegaMax AirLock Lite?
  • Extra-wide, extra-long absorbent core provides protection in the front and rear
  • Tall stand-up leak guards protect against leaks from the leg openings
  • Strong enough to handle combined urinary and bowel incontinence
  • Soft cloth-like exterior helps promote healthy skin


Best Plus Size Incontinence Products

It can be difficult to find plus-size incontinence products at your local store. Many stores will only carry up to size XL. Choosing a product that fits your body size and shape is key to preventing leaks. We’ve chosen two winners for the best plus-size incontinence products for 2024: GoSupreme and DynaDry Supreme.

GoSupreme is available in up to size 3XL and has built-in elastics throughout the diaper providing a better fit for individuals with varying body shapes.

DynaDry-Supreme.jpg Why DynaDry Supreme?
  • Super absorbent incontinence liner can be worn inside regular cloth underwear, an adhesive strip holds the liner securely in place
  • 2XL Size has extended protection in the front and back of the liner and absorbs more than our 6-hour pull-on, while providing comfortable protection for all body shapes and sizes
  • Leak guards provide extra protection from leakage out the sides


Bonus: Our Picks for Best Wipes & Disposal Bags

No diaper bag is complete without personal care wipes. These wipes reign supreme in our book! Specifically designed for adult incontinence, they’re extra-large and durable. Ideal for those with even sensitive skin, they’re hypoallergenic free from irritants like alcohol, latex, and parabens. For discreet disposal of your incontinence products, add DiscreetShield to your cart. The fresh scent masks odors and the dark color hides contents for privacy. They’re a convenient way to manage changes on the go!

The Best Incontinence Product Is the One That Works for You

We’ve recommended the top-performing absorbent products in each category, but ultimately the best adult diaper for 2024 is going to be the one that works best for your situation. Everyone’s body is different and finding the right fit for your size and shape is key to preventing leaks. NorthShore offers customers the ability to sample products and sizes so they can find the right incontinence solution for their unique needs. Order samples today and take the first step toward making 2024 the year you stop the leaks and focus on creating amazing memories you can look back on for years to come.

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