variety of bowel incontinence productsBowel incontinence is a messy condition that many people face on a daily basis. Managing bowel incontinence isn’t just about containment, it’s about keeping all areas of the individual clean and surrounding areas clean as well. From the time an episode happens to the aftermath, all areas should be covered. We have come up with a list of products that we recommend you should have at all times when managing any form of bowel incontinence. 

Products That Help with Bowel Incontinence 

  1. General purpose disposable gloves- Gloves help keep any fecal matter from getting to other parts of the body. Whether you're experiencing solid or watery bowel movements it's best to clean up while using a glove. Disposable gloves may seem like an afterthought when it comes to bowel incontinence management but they are really essential to cleanliness for the caregiver and for the user themselves. Gloves offer protection which could prevent contamination of other pieces of clothing and break down of the skin. 
  2. Durable adult wipes-Wipe away the biggest messes when you're at home or outside. Cleansing wipes keep the genital area and perineal clean and fresh. We recommend using a wipe that is strong and textured so you can get the most within each use. 
  3. Disposable chux-Heavy duty, extra absorbent chux are needed to keep sheets protected from all sorts of accidents. If a bowel movement gets on the chux, simply dispose of the pad along with the bowel movement. Feces may help in the break down of skin so it's important to remove any bowel movements from the skin as fast as possible. 
  4. Briefs made for bowel incontinence-Tab-style briefs (with plastic exterior) tend to be the best option for bowel incontinence, for odor and containment purposes. Be sure to have the highest quality brief to keep clothes clean and provide you with peace of mind during any time of day.
  5. Change of clothes-If you're home you'll have access to all your belongings but if you're out and an accident happens, keep a change of extra clothes in the car to switch into if needed. 
  6. Hand sanitizer-We were always told to wash our hands after we use the restroom and before and after meals. When caring for someone else or caring for yourself during incontinence that rule still applies. If you have an accident without soap and warm water nearby then keep hand sanitizer gel or wipes nearby to clean up after you change.
  7. Disposal Bags-Adult incontinence disposal bags can be used at home or in public. These bags offer a clean scent and can hold large soiled diapers, pads or any other incontinence product. 

Keeping your loved one or yourself comfortable and clean is essential while managing bowel incontinence. Make sure you have the most reliable products designed for bowel incontinence. At NorthShore we care about providing the best quality products to you now and always during your journey with incontinence.