The Best Overnight Diapers for Adults [Infographic]

If you’re experiencing urge or bowel incontinence then you probably know how important it is to have an absorbent brief or pull-on to last throughout the night. The last thing you want to think about before you go to sleep is waking up in a bed full of urine. Some adult diaper brands claim to handle “nighttime” protection but the sheets tell a different story. 

Your sleep is important and shouldn’t be disturbed, so use the most absorbent and durable products there are. Whether you’re looking for an adult diaper with tabs or absorbent incontinence underwear, there are products that actually work for your needs. 

You also have options whether you are managing bladder or bowel leakage. The infographic-style image below will show you the best overnight diapers we recommend for 2018, for each type of leakage, as well as the special features of each category. Request free samples of any of the products mentioned below by filling out our sample request form, or you can call us directly at (800) 563-0161.