4 Reasons Why You Should Never Double Up on Adult Diapers


Desperate people do desperate things during desperate times. When family caregivers are faced with difficult situations like caring for a family with uncontrollable bladder or bowel leakage, things can get stressful fast. A quick fix for many caregivers is to double up on adult diapers. As a caregiver, you may think that layering on absorbent products must stop all that liquid from going somewhere, right? Wrong. Next time you’re loved one is leaking and you’re stressed on what to do, remember these four important reasons why you should never double up on absorbent underwear or tab-style briefs. 

1. Because waterproof products are not designed to be doubled up - Many people think that if the current diaper isn’t holding enough liquid for their loved one, then they can use another one on top of it. This is a common misconception. All adult diapers with tabs and/or absorbent underwear have a waterproof lining. This means that when the product reaches the full amount of liquid it can hold it eventually leak and eventually spill out of any of the product's openings. That means if you're doubling up the liquid will just spill from the original product to the next one. 

Takeaway: Do not double up any product with a waterproof backing because it’s just going to leak into the next product. The only product to double up is a booster pad because it does not have a waterproof backing; liquid flows into the pad and flows out into another absorbent product. 


2. Because you could be using the wrong size. Let’s imagine your loved one is in the wrong size; they’re currently a size medium tab-style brief but you find out after more accurate measuring that they really should be in a size small. If you’re using a medium-size tab-style brief, the extra space in the leg areas and the back will open the door to leaks. 

Takeaway: The bigger the size the more chances leaks will happen after doubling up.


3. Because you could be using the wrong style of the product. If your loved one is using the wrong style product and you’re doubling up on that product then be prepared for more issues. For example, let’s imagine that your loved one has severe diarrhea. He or she is currently using a pull-up style diaper. The underwear will not have the best leak protection around the back or leg area so if you’re doubling up on that underwear then the chances of bowel movements leaking out are high.

Takeaway: You’re going to get more leakage in areas where there is more space. 


4. Because it costs you more in the long run. It's obvious that the more you double up on these incontinence products, the more you’re going to use and ultimately spend. You’re going to notice that your loved one is still leaking with two briefs, a pad, and all that duct tape to temporarily get the job “done”. The truth is you’re just spending more money than you need and causing your loved one to sit in her or her own waste longer, which may also lead to skin breakdown or infection. 

Takeaway: While it may seem like a using 2 diapers is a temporary fix for leaks, it's costing you more money in the long run, and it may cause discomfort for your loved one. 

We all do silly things when we’re desperate. Some of us grab a candy bar without thinking when we’re hungry. Some of us run a red light when we’re in a rush to where we need to go on a busy day. Desperation can cause more problems than solutions. Next time you’re in a situation where you want to prevent leaks onto clothes, remember about the waterproof backing, size, and style of the current product your loved one is using. Avoid doubling up on incontinence underwear or incontinence briefs. Instead, find the right size and style. Sample products to see how they work for them. Request free adult diaper samples online or call us at (800) 563-0161. Kind, caring experts are always happy to help!