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Northshore Blog

Nursing Home Vs. Assisted Living

By NorthShore Care Supply May 12, 2017 0 Comment

Is staying at home no longer an option? Here's a checklist to help select between between an assisted living or nursing home facility for your aging parent. Read More...

Assist Healing and Wellness with Music Therapy

By NorthShore Care Supply February 10, 2017 0 Comment

We discuss the benefits that music therapy offers for infants to adults. Read More...

Forgetfulness: It's Not What You Think

By Joy Loverde January 26, 2017 0 Comment

Joy Loverde's article teaches us to change our perception of Alzheimer's. Read More...

The Power of Perspective

By NorthShore Care Supply October 14, 2016 0 Comment

Lori La Bey tells FOLKS magazine the personal story of her mother's journey with dementia. She talks about the words and negative connotations that are associated with caregiving and other lessons that can help us care for our loved ones. Read More...

My Parent's Journey

By NorthShore Care Supply September 23, 2016 0 Comment

Brooke Lighton explains her parent's experiences with memory loss and the difficult journey she took to care for them during each stage. Read More...

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