Booster Pads: Guide to Incontinence Supplies

 Features and Information on Booster Pads

 Video Transcription:

 What are Booster Pads?

 A booster pad is also known as a diaper doubler or insert. It's used to increase absorbency and reduce the number of changes required with a diaper or other absorbent undergarment. 

Many people confuse a booster pad with a liner.  What's the difference? It's all about the backing.  A booster pad has a flow-through backing so it should be used inside an absorbent undergarment to increase the overall capacity. A liner, also called an incontinence pad, has a waterproof backing. They are designed to be worn inside your regular underwear. In a liner, the liquid cannot flow into the undergarment. If a liner is used when there is a heavy incontinence, the liquid will leak out the side of the pad and down the legs. During heavy incontinence, the booster pad allows the liquid to flow through to the absorbent undergarment. The user stays dry for a longer period of time. No leaks! Some people prefer to change the booster pad before the diaper becomes wet, so they do not have to change the diaper often. This enables them to feel secure that there will be no leaks. The tapes on some boosters allow you to stack them. And they stay in place! Just remove wet boosters and the diaper will still have plenty of capacity.

When should you use a booster pad?

Some examples are: for added capacity at night or when traveling, when out in public (a booster added to a diaper is a great way to avoid untimely leaks), when bedridden or wheelchair bound boosters reduce the need for a full diaper change.  Side sleepers position them to help reduce leaks onto sheets and the mattress. People with bowel incontinence, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Colitis can protect against unexpected accidents by positioning the booster in the rear. In summary, booster pads are a popular accessory to avoid unnecessary leaks, changes and laundry.

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