Nighttime Checklist & Tips for Caregivers eBook

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Caregiving is one of the most difficult jobs to have. Most of the time family members are thrown into these kinds of situations without any prior preparation. As a caregiver, getting quality sleep can be difficult. According to, 70% of dementia caregivers report sleep problems. Caregivers typically wake up during the middle of the night to offer care to their loved one.

But, there are easy ways caregivers can incorporate a nighttime environment to get they rest they need. Using overnight incontinence products and adult diapers can help with keeping loved ones dry through the night. As experts in the incontinence supply industry, we recommend finding a product that fits correctly and offers sufficient protection through the night. 

NorthShore offers an array of adult diapers with tabs and absorbent underwear that come in sizes and fits. Using the right products may help you and your loved one get more sleep through the night.

In an effort to help first-time family caregivers, we have created an eBook to provide tips and overnight product recommendations. NorthShore collaborated with Caregiving Expert, Tena Scallan from The Ultimate Caregiving Expert to write this eBook.

We hope caregivers find this eBook helpful.

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