HealingWell.com shares an article written by Beverly Bigtree Murphy, MS, CRC. who is a certified rehabilitation counselor and former caregiver to her husband who had Alzheimer's Disease. She is a Contributing Editor to ElderCare Online.

This article Alzheimer's Disease and Incontinence share the adjustment to incontinence products and the steps caregivers and/or loved ones can take to make the transition a smooth one. Beverly writes...

The question isn't:
Should incontinence products be used at the risk of compromising the dignity of our people facing Alzheimer's Disease?

The questions are:
How do we approach someone with Alzheimer's Disease, who is unable to understand the need for incontinence products or integrate the ramifications of not using them?

How do caregivers navigate, what I feel is the greatest barrier to home care, if, instead of information on how to deal with incontinence and the developing behaviors, they are only told it is time to institutionalize their loved ones?