8 Tips for Traveling with Adult Diapers

According to an article on TravelAgentCentral.com, in 2017 Americans spent over 100 billion on their vacations, about 12.5% than the year before. What does this mean for people managing moderate to heavy incontinence? Well, it means that if you are going somewhere this summer, you'll need to pack your usual adult diapers or disposable underwear. It may seem like a hassle but it is possible to bring it all without a headache. You just have to plan and organize your luggage so you can stay clean and fresh from the beginning to the end of your trip. Here are some tips we think will help you on your next trip. 

  1. Ship directly to hotel or resort- If you don't want to physically bring your incontinence products with you, then ship the products directly to your hotel. We recommend calling the hotel beforehand to inquire about their policy for receiving and handling shipments. There may be some added fees for this service.
  2. Keep some diapers or your other incontinence supplies in your carry-on bag- In the event that the airline mishandles your checked bag (we hope this won't happen!) or if you happen to have an accident, it's best to keep a small sample of your regular incontinence products on hand at all times. 
  3. Pack the right clothes- If you're traveling somewhere warm remember to layer using t-shirts, tank tops or any other light clothing that isn't bulky. Mix up your outfits and rotate between each piece. Remember, you can always purchase clothing at your destination if you forgot something. 
  4. Roll clothes- Rolling your clothes rather than folding them helps free up space in your luggage for any other personal care items or your diapers.  
  5. Inquire on laundry services wherever you're staying - If you know that you can do laundry at your resort or vacation rental then you can bring fewer clothes and wear those items again. It saves you time and space for other things like shoes, toiletries, souvenirs, ect. 
  6. Bring special odor-free trash bags - In the event the hotel does not have liners in their room’s trash cans, bring your own! These can be packed easily into any luggage and don't take up much room. No one likes a smelly diaper sitting around all day. You can also ask for housekeeping to come in regularly to take away trash from the room. 
  7. Bring an additional suitcase for diapers- If you use a large number of diapers that you can't fit into one luggage, then you might want to consider bringing an additional one for just your incontinence supplies. Diapers can be layered and packed pretty easily, so you may not need a large suitcase. Calculate how many diapers you'll need to bring for the period of time you are going, plus a little extra just in case. Be sure to take the diapers out of their original packaging and pack them the best way you can in regards to your suitcase size and depth.
  8. Bring adult cleansing wipes- These are essential for almost every part of the trip. When you're at the airport, in between excursions or even on the plane, train or car. 

Don't let incontinence get in the way of your travels. Your diapers, pads or chux can travel with you or meet you at your destination. Bring special trash bags when you're out, use your carry-on bag for additional storage, and most importantly be mindful of what you're bringing and how you're packing your clothes. Traveling can be a pain but with the right preparation, you'll be ready for your next vacation!