Learn How to Prevent Leaks And Stay Dry With Waterproof Covers

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You twiddle your credit card against the cashier counter as you frantically wait in line to check out. You just had a void and your adult diaper is starting to swell.  There is also a line of people behind you with carts full of food. They don't look too happy waiting in line either. Your heart starts to race faster and faster. You're thinking, "What if I leak onto my jeans in front of this long line of people?" "Will someone notice it or the smell?"

Have you ever wished there was a discreet product that you could wear over your protective underwear or brief for those just in case? TRIFECTA waterproof covers help for such nerve-wracking situations. These covers are washable, breathable and designed to give an added layer of protection over incontinence products such as tab-style briefs or pull-ons and keep you drier and more confident. See why you should consider these protective waterproof covers and how they can help you in those unexpected situations.

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What Makes Diaper Covers Unique?

  • Form-Fitting Style - The covers have a slimmer design, giving the user a discreet and less bulky experience. 

  • Higher Backing - Designed with a higher backing that will keep you extra dry at night and the contoured thigh cut that helps prevent leaks.

  • Secure Fit - These are a great choice for caregivers or parents with restless children who try to remove their diapers.

  • Various Sizes Offered - Offered in a variety of sizes.

  • Breathable Material - The PUL (polyurethane laminated polyester) helps keep your skin cool and air moving within the product.

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“I wear a waterproof cover over my pull-on when I go to work and at night. It provides great protection and I don’t worry about accidents anymore.” – Bruce S., NorthShore Customer

Waterproof Cover FAQs

Question: How do I know the right size to purchase?

Answer: As most leaks start in the leg area, it’s important you choose the right fit. Begin by measuring your legs, then let that guide you. If you use your waist as a starting point, you could end up with the wrong fit. See our size guide for more details.

Question: Can I wear diaper covers over cloth-like diapers?

Answer: Yes, just purchase one size larger.

Question: How should I store my covers between washings?

Answer: If you cannot wash soiled underwear immediately, rinse them out and hang to dry. Mold may develop if underwear sits too long between washings. 

Question: How do I wash my Waterproof Covers?

Answer: Wash them after each use. Do not soak them. You may wash them on hot or cold. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry on low, or hang to dry. Do not use high heat, fabric softener or pure soap. You do not need to wash them before use.

Question: Can I return my Waterproof Cover if it doesn't fit?

Answer: Unfortunately, for sanitary reasons, we do not offer returns on opened packages of these products. Please make sure to measure correctly or call us for assistance with finding the right size for your needs.

Next time you're in a difficult situation where leaks may occur, consider wearing a waterproof cover. You don't need to worry about leaks when you're out in public running errands. Diaper covers are great for busy days when you're out and about, long trips or in those long lines at the grocery store.

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Learn more about TRIFECTA Waterproof Covers for added protection against leaks, odors and sagging. Need help? Call (800) 563-0161 for personalized assistance and product recommendations.


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