Are You a Young Adult Managing Incontinence? Find More Options at NorthShore

Imagine planning a fun night out with friends, but worrying about leaks holds you back. You're not alone. Many young adults manage incontinence, and it doesn't have to stop you from living life to the fullest. NorthShore diapers are designed with you in mind, offering discreet protection and comfortable styles that look and feel like real underwear. No more bulky pads or embarrassing moments. Just the confidence to be yourself and enjoy every adventure. Hear from Sarah, who says, "NorthShore diapers allowed me to go on that weekend trip with friends without worry. Now I can focus on having fun, not leaks."

Ever dream of that perfect weekend getaway, but worried leaks might hold you back? You're not alone. Many young adults like you juggle daily life with incontinence, and it shouldn't stop you from having fun.

Older adults are not the only ones managing leaks. According to the National Library of Medicine, 16% of women younger than 30 years of age manage incontinence. There are no hard numbers on the prevalence of incontinence in young men, but they are out there. Incontinence affects both men and women. Stress, lifestyles, and underlying medical conditions can result in incontinence.

Twenty or thirty-year-olds may not think of having to wear adult diapers. But, depending on the severity of their incontinence, diapers may be an effective solution.

The good news is that there are modern and discreet diapers for young adults. Imagine feeling secure and worry-free, whether you're hitting the gym or rocking a cute outfit. NorthShore's discreet diapers come in styles that fit you and your life, so you can focus on what matters most.

Learn about NorthShore’s adult diapers that can help you enjoy life without leaks. There are trusted products in styles that can help you stay protected.

Understanding Adult Incontinence

Incontinence isn’t typically from one specific cause. It can result from surgery, childbirth, or other underlying medical conditions. Spinal cord injuries and birth defects may also cause incontinence.

What are the most common types of incontinence?

Urge incontinence, stress incontinence, and mixed incontinence are the most common. Urge incontinence is the urgent need to urinate. Stress incontinence is when urine leaks out when the bladder experiences pressure.

Mixed incontinence is a combination of urge and stress incontinence. Symptoms include frequent urination, difficulty holding urine, and leakage during physical activities.

Bowel incontinence can result from nerve damage, childbirth, and digestive tract disorders. Types of bowel incontinence are more severe than others. Adults may leak diarrhea, while others have full bowel voids.

Managing incontinence of either one is possible with medical treatment options and absorbent adult diapers. It’s important to talk with your doctor on the best treatment plan for your situation. In terms of products, the best ones control leaks and feel comfortable.

Benefits of NorthShore Adult Diapers

When you hear the word adult diapers, what comes to mind? Thick, white, padded products? While that is how some look today, adult diapers have evolved. Today, there are more styles, colors and absorbencies. Whether you manage moderate or severe incontinence, NorthShore has products for you to choose from.

Reliable Protection

NorthShore incontinence products are 3x more absorbent than retail brands. Our wicking technology contains leaks and keeps your skin free from moisture. Our diapers have extra padding or polymers which helps wick away heavier urinary and bowel leaks. Think of our diapers as ‘heavy duty.’ NorthShore’s products are more absorbent than retail brands such as Depends and Tena.

Our tab-style and pull up diapers also offer built-in leak guards. Leak guards, or cuffs, help to contain side leakage when sleeping.

Backing Styles

We have diapers available in a cloth-like (breathable) and plastic backing. The cloth-like exterior helps with preventing skin breakdowns. The plastic helps contain odors and prevents the diaper from sagging.

Tab and Pull-On Styles

We offer tab-style and pull up styles to accommodate each individual’s unique needs. NorthShore diapers also come in larger sizes. AirSupreme Briefs, our cloth-like diapers, come in sizes XS- 2XL.

NorthShore AirSupreme Adult Diapers

What if you prefer adult pull-ups? GoSupreme is our most popular. We offer pull ups up to 3XL in our GoSupreme Underwear. Our pull-ups offer anywhere from six to eight hours of protection. Our adult pull ups are unisex and latex-free. Protective underwear resembles regular underwear. They offer discreet wear when wearing jeans or leggings.

NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear

Colored Adult Diapers

Features of adult diapers help in containing leaks, but like clothing, the look and feel also matter. Colors play a role in how adult diapers perform for many people. Why do colors matter when selecting adult diapers? Because colors are a way to express yourself. Colors can evoke emotion and affect our moods. For example, color psychology says pink symbolizes love, whereas green symbolizes contentment.

When managing leaks, darker color diapers tend to be more desirable. Blacks and blues masks leak and resemble regular underwear. Customers like the black-colored GoSupreme Underwear because it helps them feel more confident.

"Black increases my confidence as a younger disabled adult, and it's a very good product. Only criticism is neither size fits me perfectly, but it's comfortable enough that I can manage most of the time. Doesn't always hold my full bladder."

- Samantha

MEGAMAX Briefs are available in a variety of colors and tie-dye. They offer reliable protection for heavy incontinence while offering stylish color options.

"Megamax are super absorbent diapers, probably the most absorbent available. They come in cute cute colors and the really cool tye dye print. Highly recommended. Can be worn for anytime or when you feel in a playful mood"

- Paul

If you want to feel better about wearing adult diapers, try selecting ones with colors! You might love how certain colors look! Which NorthShore diapers are available in colors? We'll explain this in the infographic below.

NorthShore Color Diapers

When it comes to wearing adult diapers, you should feel protected and love how you look. Our mission is to provide customers with quality products that offer premium leakage protection with stylish options. Learn which NorthShore diapers are available in colors.

NorthShore Brand Adult Diaper Colors Infographic

MEGAMAX diapers are the most absorbent tab-style diapers on the site. MEGAMAX offers up to 12 hours of protection and is available in white, blue, pink, black, and Tie-Dye.

GoSupreme Underwear is available in white, black, and pink.

GoSupreme Lite Underwear is available in white and black.

No matter your situation, there are incontinence products to choose from. Gone are the days of ‘old school’ diapers that lack absorbency, style, and expression.

As a young adult, you have a lot on your plate. Finding a work-life balance and landing your dream career can be a lot to handle. Incontinence can be challenging too, but there are products to help make life a little easier. Products that can help you stay social with friends and family. Best of all, products can help you stay less stressed and more confident in managing incontinence.


Regardless of capacity, an absorbent product must be changed immediately following a bowel movement.


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