5 Products to Help Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Cramps. Diarrhea. Gas. Lack of energy. Symptoms such as these can be associated with IBS. Bowel incontinence can also be a symptom of IBS. Whether you are managing light or heavier stool, there are diapers for you. Products that help with containing leaks and odors, so you can feel less worried when you are out in public. 

If you are managing leaks and have not found a product that works, consider NorthShore's adult diapers for IBS. Adult diapers offer individuals peace of mind and protection. Some diapers can offer a better fit around the legs and thighs, where leaks usually occur. 

The right products can make all the difference. Quality products should protect against leakage and provide comfort and dignity. The best adult diapers for IBS are ones that feel comfortable and contain leaks.

Discover products that provide protection and comfort for individuals managing IBS.

Adult Diapers for IBS (Tab-Style)

When selecting adult diapers for IBS, consider tab-style briefs. Adult diapers with tabs allow the wearer to adjust the fit. Tab-style briefs have a cloth-like and plastic backing. For managing bowel leaks, we recommend selecting a brief with a plastic exterior. The plastic shell helps contain any odors from diarrhea and solid bowel movements.

NorthShore Supreme Briefs

Supreme Briefs are a customer favorite. The absorbency and fit allow individuals managing bowel incontinence more security. Supreme Briefs offer protection for up to 8 hours, making them a great day or nighttime option. 

Supreme Features include: 

  • Coverage in the front and rear

  • Tall stand-up leak guards

  • Four-strand leg cuffs

  • Elastic rear waistband

Supreme adult diapers for ibs

"The tall leak guards help prevent urine leaks, and on the rare occasion I have a bowel accident, they hold everything safely inside. The rear waistband also prevents rear BM blowouts. I'm very active and these do everything I need an adult diaper to do. I feel so confident when I'm wearing Supremes, I love them." 

-Ian, F. Verified NorthShore Reviewer

NorthShore MEGAMAX Briefs

These are the most absorbent briefs on NorthShore. MEGAMAX has MEGA absorbency. MEGAMAX offers up to 12 hours of total lockdown protection day and night. If you are managing heavy bowel leaks, this brief is for you. 

MEGAMAX Features:

  • An extra wide absorbent core

  • Powerful wicking ability

  • Durable tape tabs

  • Strong plastic (for odor control)

MEGAMAX super absorbent adult diapers for ibs

When individuals use quality products, managing IBS is more manageable. Pull up style underwear is another option for individuals managing IBS.

Underwear for IBS

Adult pull ups can help in managing bowel leaks from IBS. Incontinence underwear is only offered in a cloth-like backing. The cloth-like exterior can effectively contain urine and loose bowel movements. 

GoSupreme Protective Underwear

What is the best underwear for IBS? GoSupreme. GoSupreme offers up to 3x the absorbency of leading store pull ups. GoSupreme Underwear provides top-of-the-line comfort, absorbency, and fit. Coverage in the front, rear, and sides of the product help to contain leaks. 

GoSupreme Features:

  • High absorbency 

  • Improved leg elastics

  • Dual leak guards

  • Comfortable waistband

GoSupreme adult pull-on diapers for ibs

"I was looking for a quality pull up for loose bowels and the representative suggested GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear. The double leak guards and longer padding up back are key. I found the underwear to be very comfortable in size and discreteness. The product works well. The sizing for me was perfect." 

-Dave, R. Verified NorthShore Buyer

Incontinence Supplies for Managing IBS

When managing bowel leaks, supplies can help with more protection. Learn about booster pads and covers to use any time of the day. 

EternaDry Booster Pads

Booster pads add a layer of absorbency to a diaper. Boosters can extend the life of a diaper by absorbing more liquid. The contoured size provides coverage in the back for loose stools and bowel movements. 

EternaDry Booster Pads provide more absorbency than most other brands. You can also stack boosters for extra protection. Booster pads are not only for absorbing urine. 

Check out the Booster Pad Sizing Guide to find the right pad for you or your loved one.
booster pads for containing bowel leaks

TRIFECTA Diaper Covers

What is another way to protect against bowel leaks? Diaper covers. Covers act as an additional leak-proof barrier when wearing adult diapers. 

TRIFECTA covers are made with polyurethane laminated polyester. The breathable material keeps the skin cool. TRIFECTA covers are waterproof, washable, and latex-free. Diaper covers are a great way to prevent bowel leaks from getting onto clothing. Measure accordingly. The size of the hips and thighs matters when selecting this product.

diaper covers for bowel leaks

Bowel leakage can be challenging for the individual managing IBS. Use the most reliable adult diapers for IBS. Supreme and MEGAMAX provide the most security and protection. Their absorbency and ability to wick wetness from the body help individuals leak-free. No matter where you are on your journey with IBS, NorthShore has products to help you stay protected.

Shop the best adult diapers for IBS on NorthShore.com or call us at (800) 563-0161.



Regardless of capacity, an absorbent product must be changed immediately following a bowel movement.



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