5 Ways to Prevent a Leaky Diaper

394648a5c905fbac8ce5b75cb234b4f992a81de9.jpgIt’s safe to say that the majority of people using adult diapers or any other kind of incontinence product never want to leak. The sign of a spot in public is just as upsetting as a spot found at home, so what do you do if you want to avoid leaks? It’s all about using the appropriate products designed to do just that and understanding your needs. While everyone has their own unique situations and specific needs, we're confident that the products mentioned below will decrease your chances of leakage while using an adult diaper. 

  1. Use booster pads. Boosters are absorbent pads placed inside the core of any disposable product, whether that be a liner, tab-style brief or protective underwear. Once the diaper (adult brief) absorbs as much as it can, then the booster pad will kick in and absorb any extra liquid left over. The booster absorbs and wicks away wetness from the body, keeping the skin dry. The benefit of using boosters is that they can be easily replaced once they are saturated without having to replace the entire diaper. 

  2. Use a waterproof cover. Diaper covers are designed to go over any disposable product and are 100% waterproof. Any liquid that may escape out of the diaper/protective underwear will be contained in this cover. This is a containment product, so it is important to understand that this cover does not actually absorb liquid as diapers do with polymers. Once the cover comes off, the liquid will come out. These diaper covers should be removed in an area that is covered and protected.

  3. Use a diaper with the appropriate protection that meets your needs. Try samples and styles of various product to see what level of absorbency you need to use during the time you need it. Care experts at NorthShore are happy to listen and offer suggestions and help you find the best product for your situation.

  4. Use a diaper with tall leak guards – These guards are located in only certain pull-on and tab-style brief styles. The guards are located within the product and are designed to prevent leaks during long periods of time, especially at night. Leak guards are beneficial for side sleepers. Each guard creates an additional layer of protection on each side of the leg opening (where leaks mostly occur). The NorthShore™ AirSupreme™ Brief is a good example of a tab-style brief that offers tall leak guards when activated "pop up" when ready for use. The NorthShore™ FlexSupreme™ Underwear is an example of a pull up with extra tall leak guards for those who prefer more traditional style underwear. 

  5. Make sure your diaper has a clear wetness indicator – The clearer the wetness indicator, the easier it will be for you to see when it is time to change the diaper. Some diapers may not have an easily identifiable wetness indicator with a prominent color. Wetness indicators may be listed as the name of the brand on the outside of the brief, or a long colored line that changes colors or fades. Other wetness indicators become a solid color once fully saturated. Without a clear indicator, family members and caregivers are left confused wondering when to change the diaper. This may result in oversaturated diapers, resulting in leaks. 

Leaks can ruin someone's day and are embarrassing. Products such as booster pads and diaper covers are products that can be used during the day or night with an adult diaper (in both the tab-style and underwear style). Make sure if you haven’t tried these tips that you incorporate them into your routine.