5 Tips to Manage Accidents with Your Child with Special Needs

A Busy Parent's Checklist

Keys. Check. Wallet. Check. Cell Phone. Check. Kids. Check. Busy parents have a lot to remember while out and about.  Parents know there are times when the unexpected can occur and things can get "messy". Parents with children of Autism, Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome, and other special needs may encounter hard to manage potty training on a day to day basis. These conditions may affect the way the child’s bodily functions operate. Often parents find that they cannot altogether potty train their child. Fortunately, there are tips to ease the accidents resulting in less messy, less embarrassing, and eventually more manageable bathroom visits for both the parent and the child.

5 Tips to Manage Your Child's Bathroom Accidents

1. Come prepared Preparation is important. Always carry a pre-packed bag with items such as: wipes, changing pads, extra change of clothes, extra diapers, sanitizers, and reinforcements.

2. Plastic-backed briefs Parents of older children who have bowel movement accidents find that this type of undergarment works best to contain odors. This helps avoid embarrassing situations when the child is out in public.

3. Tab-style diapers or training pants - Tab-style diapers, also known as fitted-briefs can help parents, teachers, and caregivers to easily change diapers in public areas without having to fully remove clothing. Training pants allow the diaper to come off easily with the tear away side panels, yet are reusable if the child successfully uses the toilet.

4. Remove Caffeine & Sugar From Diet - It’s no surprise that kids love sweets, but according to experts caffeine causes increased urination. The combination of caffeine and sugar can be problematic for sensitive bladders causing more accidents.

5. Positive Reinforcement - Children and adults alike respond to positive reinforcement which is a form of rewarding desired behavior. If you’re working on your child’s use of the toilet, then the best positive reinforcement may include favorite toys, snacks, or stickers.

While it can be difficult to manage potty accidents, there are ways to relieve some of the stress and mess. These tips can help alleviate the embarrassment and work involved in keeping your child dry and comfortable.

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