NorthShore’s Itinerary for the Best Cross-Country Road Trip

family driving on a cross country road trip

Next Stop: Embracing Freedom!

NorthShore products are the perfect travel companions for a road-trip adventure this summer.

Now that spring is in full swing and summer is so close we can almost feel it, it’s time to start planning the perfect summer vacation. And while we know that the perfect summer vacation means different things for different people, we don’t think there’s anything that embodies the feeling of care-free summer adventure better than a road trip. And honestly, what better way to take advantage of NorthShore’s extreme absorbency adult diapers? With up to 12 hours of dry, leak free protection between changes, this is going to finally be the summer where incontinence takes a backseat to adventure. The only things limiting you will be hours of daylight left on the clock and gallons of gas left in the tank.

And while we’re thinking big, we may as well think really big. With up to 12 hours in between stops (thank you MegaMax), it’s time to make the most of your new-found freedom… from coast to coast.


Stop #1: San Francisco, CA

One of our favorite things about the City by the Bay is its welcoming energy. It’s not only a place with something fun for everyone to enjoy, but it’s also a place where everyone can feel accepted for who they are. There’s something characteristically freeing about exploring this colorful cityscape – which makes it the perfect starting point for our NorthShore summer road trip.

Fun things to do include:

  • Spend the day exploring the three Gardens of Golden Gate Park – each more remarkable than the last.

  • Full House fan? Visit the Painted Ladies for a nostalgic photo op in Alamo Square Park.

  • Marvel at the natural beauty of one of the last ancient redwood forests of Muir Woods.

  • Step outside your comfort zone and take a ferry to visit the historic prison on Alcatraz Island.

Iconic SF eats to try:

NS Road Trip Pro Tip:
In order to start your travels on the right foot, make sure to pack enough of your favorite incontinence products and other supplies to last the duration of your plans. The best part about a road trip is it can be as long or as short as you want to make it – you set the schedule! As such, we recommend packing plenty of extra adult diapers just in case you decide to extend a few days somewhere down the stretch. Check out our recent travel blog post for more great packing and prepping tips.


Stop #2: Salt Lake City, UT

Travel details: 736 miles // ~ 11 hours driving

Product recommendation: With up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, MegaMax Diaper Style Briefs will keep you feeling dry and comfortable for the duration of this first leg of your journey.

“Where elevation meets aspiration,” Salt Lake City is an urban oasis amid breathtaking natural landscapes – an adventure-seeker’s Disneyland. From the awe-inspiring mountainous backdrop to its namesake landmark, the Great Salt Lake, SLC is the perfect reward after 11 hours in the car.

Fun things to do include:

  • Explore the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere: Both Great Salt Lake State Park and Antelope Island State Park  provide unique ways for visitors to experience this natural wonder.

  • Visit the Natural History Museum of Utah to find the world's largest collection of horned dinosaur skulls, and don’t miss your chance to stop at the beautiful Red Butte Garden on your way out.

  • The Salt Lake City Famers Market is one of the longest-running and largest of its kind in the whole country. Open on Saturdays from June through October.


SLC must-eats:

  • Modern day soda shops are alive and well in Salt Lake City! Plan a refreshing stop at one of the most popular – Swig.

  • Find time to visit the family-owned and locally-loved Red Iguana for “killer Mexican food.”

  • Stop at SLC-favorite Ruth’s Diner, the second oldest restaurant in Utah and one of the best.


NorthShore Road Trip Pro Tip:  DiscreetShield Scented Adult Diaper Disposal Bags are your on-the-go changing secret weapon. Odor-masking and fully opaque, DiscreetShield Bags are the perfect solution to make your public restroom experience feel a little more private.


Stop #3: Denver, CO

Travel details: 518 miles // ~8 hours driving

Product recommendation: With up to 8 hours of protection, GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear should get you to Denver without issue. Though, we might recommend adding one or two EternaDry Booster Pads if traffic looks dicey.

Hello, Mile High City! If you enjoyed the elevation in Salt Lake City, get ready to reach new heights in Denver. A city that’s seen huge growth and buzz in recent years, Denver often becomes an instant favorite for anyone who visits. A true outdoor lover’s paradise, Denver is the perfect homebase for exploring the best of Colorado’s mountainous terrain.

Fun things to do include:

  • Experience a concert under the stars at the famous Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. Or, if schedules don’t align, explore the park during the day for stunning views and a good hike.

  • Walk the streets and appreciate the city’s breadth of impressive street art and murals.

  • Enjoy that sweet Colorado mountain air with a hike down Bluffs Loop Trail at Bluffs Regional Park. Just a few minutes outside Denver’s city center, Bluffs Loop offers fantastic views of the city and provides an accessible hiking experience for any skill level.


Denver bites and eats:

  • Little Man Ice Cream has been a city-favorite since 2008. Visit the original location in the heart of Denver's LoHi neighborhood.

  • Find one of the best burgers in town at Cherry Cricket – a Denver staple for nearly 80 years.

  • Check out Casa Bonita for a truly iconic Denver restaurant “experience.”


NorthShore Road Trip Pro Tip:  Extra packs of cleansing wipes are life savers for any long day away from home – especially on the road! NorthShore Supreme Quilted Cleansing Wipes are extra-large and designed for full-body use, great for quick, pit stop diaper changes and freshening up. (Plus, the aloe and calendula feels amazing!)


Stop #4: Branson, MO

Travel details: 807 miles // ~11 hours, 45 minutes driving

Product recommendation: The trek from Denver to Branson is the longest leg of our trip, so now is a great time to break out the EternaDry Booster Pads. The flow through design adds extra absorbency to your favorite adult diaper!

After the stunning mountain vistas of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, the long stretch of flat farmland of America’s heartland might feel like it goes on forever. But, we promise – Branson, Missouri is going to be a welcome rest! This charming Ozark town and its peaceful, lakeside beauty will win you over in no time.

Fun things to do include:

  • Relax at your cozy cabin in the woods or lakeside resort. As one of the top family-friendly vacation spots in the Midwest, Branson is known for its comfy lodging options.

  • Visit the unique Titanic museum – home to one of the largest collections of authentic Titanic artifacts.

  • Grab tickets to one of more than 100 live music, magic, and comedy shows happening in Branson. The Showboat Branson Belle is one of our favorites.  

Top places to eat:

NorthShore Road Trip Pro Tip:  
We are firm believers that calories should never count on vacation. Relax and enjoy yourself! You’ll never remember the pizza slice you didn’t eat, but you will remember the memories and laughter shared over a guilt-free meal. That being said, staying active will help you feel your best on the road. Remember to take breaks to stretch your legs during those long drives, and try exploring each new city on foot as much as possible to get those steps in!


Stop #5: Chicago, IL

Travel details: 547 miles // ~8 hours driving

Product recommendation: You’ll stay comfortable wearing either MegaMax AirLock Tab-Style Diapers or GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear for this leg. It’s up to you, whether you prefer a bit more wetness protection or a slimmer feel.

Driving into the Windy City means you’re more than halfway through your road trip! Time flies with this much freedom, doesn’t it? And there’s no better place to celebrate this exciting achievement than Chicago, the home of breathtaking skyline and lakeside views and NorthShore HQ.

Fun things to do include:

  • Catch a baseball game at the iconic Wrigley Field and… root, root, root for the Cubbies! You may even hear famed Cub’s radio announcer Pat Hughes giving out shout out to NorthShore Adult Diapers!

  • Visit the famous giant “bean” at Cloud Gate in Millennium Park.

  • Test your tolerance for heights at the John Hancock Observatory Deck for the most awe-inspiring view of the city. (Extra credit if you choose to “tilt.”)

Quintessential Chicago food destinations:

  • If you go to Chicago and don’t try deep dish pizza, did you really go to Chicago? You can’t go wrong with world-famous Lou Malnati’s or the more recent local-favorite Pequod’s.

  • Next up, you have to try a real Chicago-style hotdog. Just don’t try to ask for ketchup… The Wiener’s Circle is known for its “spicy” service.

  • Grab a bag of the famous caramel and cheese popcorn mix from Garrett Popcorn.

NorthShore Road Trip Pro Tip:  
If you’re worried about running out of your favorite incontinence supplies and diapers, we recommend Chicago as a good destination to ship an extra box or two for the second half of your journey. Whether you’re staying at a hotel, a rental apartment, or with a friend, FedEx offers a convenient “hold for pickup” option at many of its Chicago locations.


Stop #6: Atlanta, GA

Travel details: 716 miles // ~11 hours driving

Product recommendation: MegaMax Diaper Style Briefs with up-to-12 hours of leak protection is a no-brainer.

There’s nothing like the classic southern hospitality of Atlanta, Georgia to round out a long vacation! This sprawling city promises something fun for all tastes and preferences – and, of course, a large glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola to wash it down.

Fun things to do include:

  • The Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest (and coolest) aquariums in the world, and a must-see stop for your trip.

  • The World of Coca-Cola is one of Atlanta’s crown jewels, featuring a one-of-a-kind beverage lab and a number of interactive Coke experiences.

  • See the world’s largest bas-relief carving on Stone Mountain at Stone Mountain Park, and catch outstanding views of the city below.

Top ATL eats:

  • The Varsity is one of the most iconic restaurants in Atlanta, celebrated as the world’s largest drive-in.

  • For world-class Italian cuisine and the chance to bump elbows with “Atlanta royalty,” save room for a meal at La Grotta.

  • Ponce City Market is a well-known food hall, loved by locals, featuring great shopping, a variety of restaurants, and a rooftop speakeasy.


NorthShore Road Trip Pro Tip:  Unless you prep and plan accordingly, this is the point of the trip that suitcases start to feel like jumbles of wrinkly chaos, and you can no longer tell what’s clean and what’s dirty. Packing cubes are a great option to help keep things organized. We also recommend creating a day bag with your incontinence supplies and replenishing at each stop. You’ll want to have diapers, wipes and disposal bags easily accessible for changes!


Stop #7: Emerald Isle, NC

Travel details: 497 miles // ~7 hours 45 minutes driving

Product recommendation: GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear will keep you dry and comfortable on the shortest (and last!) leg of your cross-country adventure.

You made it! How does that ocean air smell? Does the Atlantic look different than the Pacific did at the start of your journey? Part of North Carolina’s beautiful Crystal Coast, Emerald Isle is the perfect grand finale to your epic adventure. You should feel so, so proud of how far you’ve come.

Fun things to do include:

Great places to eat:


NorthShore Road Trip Pro Tip:  At the end of the day, this trip – or any trip you decide to take - is about you and the freedom you deserve to take the vacation of your dreams. Incontinence is not a prison sentence. All you need is the right products, the right mindset, and the right plan (with a bit of flexibility thrown in for good measure), and you’ll find the ability to do absolutely anything you want.

These ideas are here to get you started – a nice outline of a trip. But, it’s up to you to color it in.

Sure, there will be hiccups. Things might go wrong, and your best-laid plans might fall apart. But with the reliability of NorthShore products in your back pocket, leaks will be the last thing on your mind. And that’s something worth celebrating.


Regardless of capacity, an absorbent product must be changed immediately following a bowel movement.

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