5 Ways to Stay Less Stressed Before the Holidays

blog_image_350_238_less_stressed_during_holidays.pngWhen’s the last time you needed to take a breather? Is your calendar full of appointments and lists? We’re in the most stressful time of the year. While radio stations play heartwarming holiday music singing about Rudolph, most of us are frantically preparing in every way we can for the holiday next week. How do we handle season stress and our own regular day-to-day stress?

“Festive stress” is real and happens to many people around mid- December all the way up to Christmas Day. According to an article on New York Post, 56% of us are stressing over holiday shopping. If you’re already stressing let us help give you some tips to can start today!   

Take Time for Yourself

  • Practice deep breathing exercises – breathing exercises reduce tension, reduce heart rate and blood pressure. To learn about all the types of exercises you can do, click here.

  • Make time for self-care. 30 minutes or more is all that you need. Self-care includes: meditation, journaling, reading a book, taking a bath, or just meeting with friends. Give yourself some space from your phone too! 

Take Care of Your Physical Health

  • Drink lots of water – Studies have shown dehydration leads to higher cortisol levels, which makes it harder to deal with day to day issues. The more you drink the better you’ll be able to handle your stress.

  • Get good quality sleep - this is the peak season for illness, so getting enough sleep will help strengthen your immune system.

  • Stay active whenever possible- This might seem like the last thing you want to do, but simple exercises like walking for 30 minutes can boost mood and energy levels.

Plan Ahead as Much as Possible

  • Create a budget on how much you want to spend on gifts, potluck dinners, or any other holiday-related expense you have coming up. This will prevent overspending which can result in added stress after the holidays. 

  • Plan your holiday meal and grocery list asap. Plan your meals by category and get all the necessary items for each dish. Grocery stores get busier as the holiday approaches.

  • Schedule your next order of incontinence supplies with Auto-Ship. No one likes to go on last-minute runs to the drugstore.

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Keep Communication Lines Open with Family and Friends

  • Discuss the plan for which family member is responsible for certain meals or activities during the holidays.

  • Talk to friends and family about the stress you’re going through, it helps to have a lending ear. 

  • Set clear expectations with family to decrease stress in the future. 

  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to others to take the load off of yourself.

  • If you’re comfortable asking your family, present the idea to not give gifts. Donate to a charity that means something to your family instead. 

Say "No" or Reschedule Meetups

  • Overcommitting to meetups with friends can cause unnecessary stress. Prioritize your time and see if you can push get-togethers after the holidays when things are calmer.

  • Office or other Secret Santa’s are fun but if you feel like it’s going to be too much, consider not engaging in the event. 

Remember that it’s normal to feel stressed around this time of year. Self-care, exercise, and meditation are just some of the ways you can take a break. Preparation also helps. If you’re a caregiver then you already know how it feels to be busy every other day, and the holiday season is no different. Lists, reminders, and budgets are helpful ways to get all your tasks done. NorthShore is here to help you along the way. If you have questions om how to plan your orders please call us at (800) 563-0161. 

We’re always happy to help!