#NorthShoreCares Committed to Helping End Diaper Need

#NorthShoreCares Committed to Helping End Diaper Need

Volunteering and giving back to one’s community helps others and can be very rewarding. According to Cleveland Clinic, being generous has positive health benefits such as lower blood pressure, improved self-esteem and increased happiness.

NorthShore Care Supply's mission is to improve the quality of life for those managing incontinence by offering life-changing products and helping #EndHealthStigma for Incontinence through caring service, discreet delivery, partnerships, education and awareness. Through our donation program and charitable initiatives, NorthShore collaborates with organizations and those in need by offering life-changing products, supplies and accessories to help individuals live full lives.

“When we alleviate the ongoing financial burden of diaper costs, we empower recipients to pursue a higher quality of life,” says Stephanie Bowers, executive director, Jake’s Diapers.

Baby Diapers

Diapers are essential during a baby's first years. According to the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN), babies without clean diapers are exposed to more potential health risks and are less likely to be accepted into daycares, leaving parents unable to work.

This puts parents at risk for less pay for time off child caring or worse, complete job loss. Families with limited incomes or those experiencing economic hardships have difficulty purchasing diapers and other needed supplies. According to NDBN, 1 in 3 American families reports experiencing diaper need.

Diaper need infographic by NorthShore

Adult Diapers & Incontinence Products

Adults managing incontinence living in poverty or with limited incomes may not get needed adult diapers and other incontinence supplies. This poses many health risks, including rashes, urinary tract infections and can lead to anxiety and depression.

According to PovertyUSA, nearly 10% of seniors in America are living in poverty. Baby Boomers today are facing more challenges maintaining their finances and paying bills than they ever did before. According to CNBC, Baby Boomers have less money saved up but have more health expenses than prior generations. Individuals 60 years of age and older still have mortgage payments and other debt to pay off, resulting in limited disposable income for necessary medical supplies.

Diaper Banks & Diaper Networks

Fortunately, help is available for babies and adults. There are number of diaper banks across the country providing products and supplies for people who cannot afford to purchase needed absorbent incontinence products due to financial difficulties.

Most diaper banks collect products by collaborating with diaper partners,  organizations and individuals as well as through monetary donations. According to The Simon Foundation for Continence, diaper banks make sure donations are delivered to those most in need. By calling 2-1-1, individuals should be able to find resources in their area, including cloth and/or reusable diapers.

NorthShore's Commitment

NorthShore’s partners with organizations such as Jake's DiapersBaby2Baby, Texas Diaper Bank and the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) to help solve absorbent product needs for infants, adults, the elderly and those with special needs.

Supporting the Adult Care Essentials Program for Jake's Diapers, NorthShore is providing adult diapers and other needed products to veterans and seniors managing incontinence. According to Bowers, Jake's Diapers has distributed nearly 200,000 incontinence donations since the beginning of COVID-19.

"Solving diaper needs is essential for people to live clean, healthy and active lives as well as creates a sense of dignity for those we serve," says Bowers.

Adam Greenberg, president and founder of NorthShore, says: "NorthShore is committed to making sure people have the absorbent products they need while maintaining their dignity and bringing awareness to the ongoing problem of diaper need."

Raising Awareness & Making a Difference

If you or someone you care for has incontinence supplies they no longer need, consider donating them. There are many places that will take unopened packages of adult diapers, protective underwear, pads and liners. These include many local senior centers, community centers, diaper banks and other organizations mentioned in this article.   

There are millions of families and adults who need and can use incontinence products. Consider donating today and helping individuals and families get basic products such as diapers so they can live clean, healthy, fulfilling lives.

Join NorthShore in ending diaper need for all.

To learn more about NorthShore’s commitment, visit the #NorthShoreCares Mission Page.