man on cell phone smiling1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in his lifetime. Additionally, men who develop prostate issues are also at a higher risk to develop urinary incontinence, according to the Urology Care Foundation.

We’re here to discuss the Kegel exercise that will help with urinary incontinence specifically related to men. First, let’s go over some background information.

Dr. Arnold Kegel invented the Kegel exercise in 1948. Kegel exercises focus on the pelvic organs including the bladder and rectum. Essentially the pelvic floor muscles are squeezed and held for 5 seconds and then released for a number of repetitions. Not only does this form of exercise help prevent leaks and the urge to void, but it also helps with sexual dysfunction.

If you know any men, or you are a man who is experiencing some form of bladder leakage then keep reading we think this can help!

We know leakage is embarrassing. The constant looking on your clothes to see if there’s a wet spot, or sprinting to the bathroom to get to the toilet can be frustrating. With the help of incorporating this exercise on a daily basis, you can strengthen your bladder to help control, or lessen those leaks. The nice benefit of this exercise is that you can do these exercises in the privacy of your own home and although weights are sometimes used, no equipment is required to do this exercise.

Kegel Exercises for Men

If you haven’t tried this exercise already, then we recommend starting today. We will explain the two techniques listed on you can incorporate in your daily routine. 

Please note we recommend consulting with your doctor before attempting to do these techniques.

The first technique is to contract the anus muscles as if trying to hold in gas. The pulling or lifting sensation you will feel will indicate the correct muscles are being used. Men should hold this for about 3-5 seconds and relax between each contraction.

The second technique requires the use of a mirror in order to observe the movement of the penis vertically without moving the rest of the body. It is important for men to use the correct pelvic muscles rather than the buttocks muscles to do this exercise and to avoid holding the breath or crossing the legs.

There is no specific number of sets needed for this exercise, but it is recommended that men do at least 2 sessions daily. A session consists of 10-30 individual contractions and relaxation breaks. Men can split these contraction exercises by laying down, sitting, and standing. Exercises are helpful but if you're looking for absorbent products you can wear while you're strengthening your pelvic muscles then be sure to use the right incontinence products. 

Incontinence Products for Men

Whether you're an active man still working or retired, it's important to have products that you can use to prevent leaks at all times. NorthShore carries an array of products that help with light to heavy bladder leakage. NorthShore offers male guards and other incontinence pads for men come in various sizes and absorbency levels. Some of the most popular ones NorthShore offers are the NorthShore™ DoubleStop™ XL Male Guards and the NorthShore™ DynaDry™ Supreme Liners.  Both products can be used in snug-fitting underwear and have adhesive. 

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