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If you've felt a sense of uneasiness during your last visit to the store, you're not alone. Between the long lines of masked shoppers, plexiglass shields and social distancing reminder signs, the shopping experience has changed. The CDC now advises individuals to disinfect baskets and carts before touching, and to stay at least 6 feet away from others while perusing shelves and aisles. The CDC also encourage individuals to think about shopping online and considering curbside pickup to increase safety.  

According to Supermarket News, 76% of Americans are now not only anxious when visiting public stores, but they are also changing how they shop due to COVID-19.

At the beginning of COVID in March 2020, 39 million households reported using online grocery delivery or drive-up to minimize contact. Of these individuals, 97% claim they will continue to use online and curbside options for fulfilling their food orders and getting other items.

Individuals managing incontinence should be especially careful if they have other medical conditions. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and stroke can affect nerves, leading to incontinence. Bladder problems, such as infections and bladder stones, and certain medications can also cause it. That is why it is important to have necessary products such as adult diapers, underwear and other accessories to stay protected at home.

Rather than going out in public, individuals can shop easily and safely at NorthShore.com.

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Convenient Shopping

Customers can explore product information within seconds from the comfort of home. Product pages offer helpful comparison charts, specifications and reviews to help shoppers find the right items for their needs.

Kind, Caring Support

NorthShore Customer Care & Service Experts are available 7 days a week to answer product questions and provide kind, caring help. Customers can email, text or call to receive personalized recommendations and information. Have a question while browsing through NorthShore.com? Just ask it using the pop-up chat window and get a real-time response from a Customer Care & Service representative.

Discreet Shipping

Orders from NorthShore are shipped in unmarked boxes. To save time and money as well as for added peace of mind, customers can sign up for the Auto-Ship Subscription Program, which allows convenient ordering and delivery of favorite products, supplies and accessories.

Customized Delivery

The checkout process is easy as well - offering at-home delivery or pick-up from any of the local Authorized FedEx Ship Centers®. This shipping option allows customers to securely get orders without the worry of unattended packages possibly sitting outside the house.

Mask- and Germ-Free 

When shopping online, a mask and social distancing are not required, making it very convenient. Individuals can shop from the comfort of home by calling Customer Care & Service or accessing NorthShore.com 24/7 on any electronic device such as cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

NorthShore shoppers receive up-to-date order tracking information, discreet delivery and reliable protection with premium incontinence products that offer up to 3x the leak capacity of retail brands. Feel comfortable and secure at home with reassuringly strong protection.

Shop conveniently online and browse our full line of absorbent products. Call (800) 563-0161 for personalized recommendations.

Top Selling Adult Diapers & Incontinence Products

NorthShore MegaMax Overnight Diaper Style Briefs with Tabs
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Maximum Absorbency

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NorthShore GoSupreme Overnight Incontinence Underwear
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NorthShore Supreme Quilted Cleansing Wipes
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NorthShore DynaDry Supreme Heavy Unisex Incontinence Liners
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NorthShore MagicSorb Premium Disposable Bed & Floor Protectors (Underpads)