NEW B-Sure Absorbent Pads for Mild Bowel Incontinence

*** Please note as of 1/3/2018 we no longer offer this product**

THUMB-B-SURE.jpgThese pads have a unique shape so they fit in place without tape, pins or other fastening devices. Soft, smooth and lint free, once in place these B-SURE Pads absorb and help prevent embarrassing fecal leakage. B-Sure Pads act as a breathable moisture barrier that helps contain leakage, keeping sensitive skin drier, thus reducing skin irritation, burning, and itching.

The unique butterfly shape conforms to body contours and acts as a liner and barrier, protecting undergarments and clothing for women, men or children. They are highly absorbent (up to 10 ml leakage per pad) of mild fecal leakage and perspiration.

Most important, B-SURE pads can be easily carried in pocket or purse for use when needed. Disposable, biodegradable and flushable, they are designed for active lifestyles and can be changed and disposed of quickly in the privacy of a restroom. Comfortable and discreet, only the user knows they are being worn. B-SURE Pads help Fecal Incontinence sufferers overcome this problem that affects millions of people in the U.S alone, and includes adults and children. Additionally, B-SURE Pads help decrease the anxiety of living with Fecal Incontinence while improving quality of life with a simple, easy to use solution.

Compact, measuring just 3-1/2 x 5 inches open (fold to use), B-SURE Pads are Latex free with excellent wet strength. They are available in boxes of 24 or a Case of 288 (12 boxes of 24) and may be ordered online or you can always call and speak with one of our experts.