Which Supreme Lite Color Are You? [Quiz]

How did you assemble your outfit today? What drew you to the color you’re wearing? Research has shown that colors have a dramatic effect on human personality and mood. You might feel calmer when you look at hues of blue but become excited when looking at reds. 

The color of your undergarments can affect how you feel as well. White absorbent adult diapers can be regarded as institutional, so in an effort to end the negative feelings associated with wearing these absorbent briefs, we’re adding a splash of color to your world with the new colored Supreme Lite Briefs now available in three new energizing colors—purple, green and blue! 

Which color matches your personality? Take our quiz below to see which Supreme Lite color matches your personality the most!

Which Supreme Lite Color Are You? Quiz  


If you landed on purple you are most likely working or having a hobby in a creative industry, whether that be in the arts, music, or performance. You may find yourself always buying the more expensive things in life. You’re considered spiritual and may believe in psychic abilities and higher powers. You tend to have more compassion for others than most and find yourself daydreaming in your spare time. 


If you landed on green then you most likely have a liking to nature. One of your favorite hobbies might be gardening or going for walks in the park. You love to learn new skills and are a quick learner. You are ambitious and may be good with money. You like to feel safe whenever possible and tend to follow the rules, rather than break them. 


If you landed on blue you tend to be honest, sincere, and are a friendly person with all that you come in contact with. Your house is probably more on the tidy side and you tend to concentrate on things more than others. You are more likely to be persistent with tasks that are asked of you and don’t take no for an answer. Confidence is something that comes easily to you. 

Regardless of the day of the week, or your current mood, you now have options when it comes to absorbent briefs. Alternate between colors during the week or by month, the choice is yours. Wear a brief that can make you feel happy, confident AND dry! Which color will you try today? 

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