MEGAMAX Air: Our Most Absorbent Breathable Brief

MEGAMAX Air: Our Most Absorbent Breathable Brief

MEGAMAX Air is the newest tab-style brief from NorthShore. While our MEGAMAX collection offer the most extensive protection of our tab-style briefs, MEGAMAX Air incorporates long-term wear with breathability.

These tab-style briefs feature a breathable, cloth-like exterior that keeps wearers comfortable throughout the day. Even with its soft and light material, MEGAMAX Air offers top-tier absorbency. The cloth-like fabric is waterproof to protect against leaks, and the extra-wide and extra-long coverage protects wearers for busy days and throughout the night.


What Makes MEGAMAX Air Different From Our Other Tab-Style Briefs?

MEGAMAX Air products are similar to our standard MEGAMAX tab-style briefs, but there are some key differences. MEGAMAX Air products set themselves apart with their:

  • Absorbency: MEGAMAX Air tab-style briefs offer protection for up to nine hours, which is unlike any tab-style incontinence product we offer. While standard MEGAMAX products protect up to 12 hours, our other tab-style briefs provide eight hours or less of protection. MEGAMAX Air works well for all day or all-night protection. 

  • Breathable material: Thick fabrics are common in high-level absorbency products. MEGAMAX Air tab-style briefs use a soft and light cloth-like material. Our other lightweight and breathable products offer similar comfort but can only offer six to eight hours of protection. With MEGAMAX Air, you or your loved one can enjoy the cool comfort of breathability without losing long-term absorbency.

  • Tab-Style: Our MEGAMAX Air briefs feature hook and loop tabs, which differ from the original MEGAMAX tape-style tabs. Hook and loop tabs support refastening and are easier to secure. Once you fasten hook and loop tabs, you can count on them to stay in place all day.


The Benefits of MEGAMAX Air 

Stay protected and comfortable all day long with features like enhanced breathability and extra-wide coverage. Our new MEGAMAX Air briefs provide a range of benefits like: 

  • Breathability: The cloth-like fabric promotes breathability and supports healthy skin.

  • Long-term protection: With up to nine hours of protection, wearers can use fewer tab-style briefs throughout the day and night. Fewer changes save time every day and make every package more cost-effective.

  • Maximum coverage: MEGAMAX Air tab-style briefs have extra-wide and extra-long coverage to support absorbency during all types of activities. These incontinence products offer absorbency and leak protection even during a night of sleep.

  • Improved sizing: These right-sized briefs fit better and suit a broader range of body types thanks to strong elastic in the front and rear waistbands. A better fit protects against leaks and promotes comfort. Hook and loop tabs also encourage a snug fit. 

Watch our video to learn more about MEGAMAX Air!

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NorthShore Care Supply provides a wide range of incontinence products to support those who need them. The MEGAMAX Air tab-style brief is our newest product that offers many beneficial features. When you need an incontinence product that is equally breathable and absorbent, MEGAMAX Air is an excellent option for you or your loved one.

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