Here's How You Can Prevent Overeating This Week

3c218471513cc1372af115b97f2cd233c22ce9bf.pngMost of us know that when we eat a healthier diet we feel better but those yummy snacks and comfort foods taste so good and make us feel better – temporarily! If not careful we can find ourselves in a pattern of craving, eating sugary/high carb foods and then feeling guilty, sluggish and experiencing unwanted weight gain. There are things we can do to curb the cravings and shoot for a healthier lifestyle but beware of going on a “diet”. The majority of weight loss diets are generally designed for quick results and are not sustainable. October 11th was  World Obesity Day and because Obesity is such a huge problem that so many Americans face, we are focusing on the ways to prevent overeating.

Keep Your Mind In Check During Meals

1. Drink Plenty of Water – Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

2. Stay Busy – If you start thinking about eating when you know you aren’t really hungry get busy with something you love to do. The time until your next meal will fly by.

3. Practice Portion Control Use smaller dishes – Most of us are geared to eat everything on our plates even if we are feeling full. Start with a small plate and relax a bit before filling it up again. Chances are you will feel satisfied without going back for seconds.

Portion snacks as soon as you get home – Use small baggies to portion out appropriate amounts of snacks right away and store them in the pantry.

Portion control when eating out – The next time you find yourself at your favorite restaurant ask for a to-go box to come with your food so before you start eating you can decide on a proper portion and pack the rest away for later.

How Do I Eat Better During Meal Times?

Take a cleansing breath before you start eating. Keep your long-term goals in mind as you enjoy each bite. After finishing your ideal portion size take another cleansing breath and start thinking about what to do next.

Choose to fill up on nutritious foods – Eating foods that are higher in fiber/protein and lower in sugar/carbs will keep you more satisfied on fewer calories according to the Satisfaction Score chart.

Only eat when you are hungry - rate your hunger on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being stuffed full. Wait until you are at a 4-6 but don’t wait until you are at a 1-2. Waiting until you are over-hungry can cause you to overeat.

So, when that next piece of yummy dessert or comfort food is tempting you, try to slow down, take a deep breath and consider all the things you can do to make healthier choices and then concentrate on how much better those good choices will make you feel in the long run.

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