5 Ways Your Family Can Save Before Spring Break

BLOG-SAVE-SPRING-BREAK.pngDid you know that 74% of Americans admit that they go into financial debt after paying for a big vacation? Most Americans work over 40 hours a week and look forward to that one big vacation during the year where they can recharge their batteries, even if it hurts their wallet.  Vacation is a time for us to relax and escape the daily routine that the 9-5 throws at us. When you plan your next vacation, remember that you don’t have to break the bank and feel the financial hangover afterward. There are ways that you can enjoy this spring break with your family. Here are the 5 tips we have for your family that you can possibly use on your next trip. 

  1. Rent a house – If you have a large family or just want more privacy to rent a house or a smaller property. There are plenty of affordable options on Airbnb and other sites like homeaway.com that offer various size accommodation options and might be more cost effective for your family. You will have more space and freedom than if you were renting numerous rooms in a hotel. 

  2. Travel during off peaks – Go visit amusement parks during offseason. For example, if you plan on going to Disney World, then you’ll want to go in January or February, according to tripsavvy.com, this is when both the hotel prices, crowds, and temperatures are at their lowest. 

  3. Plan out your activities as best as you can- If you can stick to a plan then your agenda is more likely not to change. This will help calculate expenses, packing items and other supplies that your children might need such as youth diapers and heavy-duty wipes.

    If your child uses diapers to make sure to calculate the number of diapers that they normally use so you don’t have to take last-minute stops for diapers at drugstores. Drugstores don't always have the type of products your child needs so you could be using something that will cause you to use more at a time. 

  4. Bring snacks for the kids to avoid stops overspending at the airport/or on the road – If you feel like you're bill is bigger at a local restaurant or food vendor you're right. Airports overcharge for various reasons which will cause you to overspend even before getting to your destination. Kids get hungry and on the road and in the air, it’s tempting to stop and get food that’s quick. Instead of stopping at a fast food restaurant pack snacks like fruits, vegetables or other foods like nuts that your family can eat on the road. If you're traveling in the air, make sure the kids are fed beforehand so there is no temptation to buy food at the airport. Fewer stops on the road or at the airport mean less money spent and more time at your destination.

  5. Say no when needed – As a parent, you try so hard to please your kids and the rest of the family. On vacations, it’s easy to want to say yes to all the souvenirs, offers, amusement parks offered to you. It may sound like a good idea at the time but it may not be within your budget.  Plan on a number you don't want to go over and stick to it. Remember that every vacation has a budget and remember that your kids are still going to have a blast during your time together. 

Remember that vacations are meant to be time spent with the ones you love. You don’t have to break the bank to have a good time. Hotels are not the only option for accommodations, house rentals are just as beautiful, far more private and can be economical for your family. The time you go on vacation depends on the prices of airfare and hotels. The art of planning also helps in packing items that you and your family will need throughout the trip. Wherever you go this spring break, remember that you can have fun and save!