5 Ways You Can Help Others with Your Unused Disposable Products

According to an article in the New York Times, the rate of seniors filing for bankruptcy is three times higher than it was back in 1991. This means that many seniors are struggling to get basic products needed to survive.  High health care costs, reduced incomes, and declining pensions are just some of the big reasons why seniors cannot afford their basic necessities such as adult diapers. Additionally, most Medicare plans and insurance do not cover necessities such as incontinence products or other incontinence supplies, which leaves seniors to pay out of pocket for these products. What solution is there for seniors who need diapers but don't have the funds? Diaper banks. 

Diaper banks typically focus on collecting baby diapers for families in need, but now adult diapers are also needed for aging adults. Fortunately, the National Diaper Bank Network is helping to solve this problem and NorthShore is joining in their mission by attending their Annual Diaper Banks Conference as a 2018 sponsor taking place later in October. 

The National Diaper Bank Network was founded in 2010 and since then, the organization's mission is to raise awareness of diaper need among families in the U.S., to grow diaper banks across the country, and provide resources to get diapers for babies in need. Currently, there are over 200 diaper banks in the network, located in 46 states including D.C. and Puerto Rico. NorthShore’s recent sponsorship with National Diaper Bank Network will shed light on the increasing problem that adults are facing by offering diapers to national bank members. 

Due to the increasing need for adult diapers, we wanted to provide some additional ways of how you can help others with your unused diapers:

  1. Donate to an assisted living or senior center in your area
  2. Donate to a local diaper bank or host a diaper drive. If the bank mentions “for babies” it’s possible that they may also have an adult donation area or know of other places that accept adult products
  3. If you feel comfortable, ask family or friends if they need any supplies that you won’t be using. You never know unless you ask!
  4. Donate to local shelters in your area for the homeless, women’s centers, etc. – bladder and bowel leakage can affect anyone at any point in their life.
  5. You may also reach out to Goodwill or Salvation Army to see if they will accept

Diapers are must-have products for many people managing bladder or bowel leakage. Let’s do all that we can to make sure everyone has these must needed products to live the best way possible. NorthShore's mission is to provide life-changing products to those in need, and we'll continue to do all we can to make sure diapers are going to those that need it. Visit the National Diaper Bank's site to find out how you can help.