How to Select the Best Disposable Glove for Your Lifestyle

BLOG-HOW-TO-SELECT-THE-BEST-DISPOSABLE-GLOVE-FOR-YOUR-LIFESTYLE.pngAre you looking for gloves that you can use on a daily basis around the house? Or are you looking for gloves to use when changing a loved one? Regardless of your reason, you have to know the characteristics of the glove material and its strengths. Depending on your skin sensitivity and your purpose for using them, you’ll find which glove works the best for you. 

Before we get into the specific materials it’s important to know that disposable gloves come in medical exam grade and general purpose options. Exam grade gloves go through an extra certification process for medical use whereas general purpose gloves do not. If you’re going to be using your gloves for non-medical use you can use general purpose gloves of the material of your choice. 

Disposable Glove Material: Which One Do You Pick?

Latex- Made from natural rubber. A popular choice for gloves that comes at an economical price. Latex gloves are the most resistant to punctures and offer a smooth finish to them. However, if you’re allergic to latex you’ll want to select a synthetic glove like nitrile or vinyl. 

Vinyl- Made from synthetic material. These gloves offer are less durable but have a smoother surface and softness that you can feel instantly just by the first touch. Vinyl gloves are easy to put on and remove. Vinyl gloves tend to offer better more agility than other glove materials.

Nitrile- This is another synthetic material. Nitrile gloves are about 3X more durable than latex gloves. Nitrile gloves are a popular material of glove used in many industries including healthcare and the chemical industry. Nitrile gloves can be used as a substitution for latex gloves for those with skin allergies. Nitrile reacts to body temperatures which help conform to the hand. An overall great glove to use for various activities: cleaning, caregiving duties and more. 

You may still see some powdered gloves offered online but within the past year, the FDA banned most powdered gloves due to conditions relating to airway inflammation. 

How Will You Use Your Gloves?

Latex- Known for its elasticity and comfort, this type of glove will work for most anything you can think of. 

  • General cleaning around the house
  • Outdoor use – gardening, lawn maintenance
  • Senior and/or childcare

Vinyl- Whether you are a caregiver or using these for yourself, you might consider these gloves for applying creams or ointments to certain areas of the body. If you’re not using them for caregiving purposes you can use these gloves for:

  • In-home hair coloring at home
  • Bathing your pet at home
  • Preparing food at home

Nitrile- Nitrile gloves are very strong and typically used by law enforcement officers, tattoo artists, and physicians. The temperature of your hand helps create a snug fit, so if you want more control over your glove, then this one is for you.

  • Intense work with a loved one
  • Use for rough cleaning at home
  • Use while caring for an ill loved one