NorthShore’s Most Breathable Adult Diaper Now in 2XL Size

Imagine this: You’re walking through the incontinence aisle looking for xxl adult diapers. You look at the packaging of the brands and notice large and extra-large sizes, but you don’t see 2xl sizes on the shelves. If your wasit is in between 60-80 inches and you're managing heavy urinary incontinence, you know that products you’ve tried in stores don’t fully meet your needs.

Managing adult incontinence can be challenging enough when one has to constantly worry about leaks, but finding adult diapers with heavy absorbency in larger sizes is also problematic. You might have tried other tab-style briefs with similar waist sizes, but when you put the product on, it just doesn't fit right. You may notice the tabs on the briefs cut into your hips, or the diaper feels too tight around the leg area. Protective underwear, while great for some, may also not work well for your specific needs.

You notice bariatric adult diapers feel too big and don't offer the absorbency you need. Individuals managing heavy urinary leakage need a product that offers maximum absorbency and the right fit in order to see the best results. Luckily, NorthShore has added a new larger size which can help individuals confronted with these issues.

Customer stories like the scenarios mentioned above lead NorthShore to create its first 2xl adult diaper this year after a year in the making. NorthShore's most absorbent breathable tab-style brief, the NorthShore AirSupreme is now available in the 2XL size. Wearers of this brief will get the benefits of the AirSupreme such as maximum absorbency, breathability plus additional features. Be the first to learn about this super-secret brief.

Breathable Side Panels

This 2xl adult diaper includes an extra-long, stretchable side panel that allows the user to fully extend in the range desired during adjustments. The side panels are approximately 7.25 inches long and 4.75 inches wide, providing a full extension to wrap around large waistlines.

Heavy-Duty Refastenable Hook & Loop Tabs

The AirSupreme tabs are constructed to securely fasten on the cloth-like material of the brief while providing a full extension for the wearer. Rather than the conventional square-shaped tabs on most tab-style briefs, the 2XL AirSupreme tabs are curved-shaped. This new shape provides the wearer more freedom during movement.

Elastic Waistband

Soft stitched elastics located on the front and back of the brief provide a comfortable fit that help guard against leaks. Unlike other briefs without elastics, AirSupreme allows the body to move freely rather than feel "trapped" when individuals are running, walking or during other strenuous exercises. The elastics also provide a secure fit in the back for back sleepers.

Extra-Long Absorbent Coverage

All NorthShore incontinence products including the AirSupreme contain a special microsorb lining that quickly wicks away wetness from the body. This lining keeps the user as dry as possible after single or multiple voids. Along with the lining, the extra-long core provides more surface area to wick away wetness in the front and rear.

The core (center) of the tab-style brief has this special lining plus a quick-drying top sheet that absorbs liquid away from the skin. The absorbent core approximately 31 inches long with 17 inches wide of absorbent coverage along the rear of the brief.

Enhanced Leak Protection

The AirSupreme includes soft leg gatherers as well as tall leak guards inside the product to prevent leaks. Good quality tab-style briefs will almost always have leak guards which work as an additional barrier to contain leaks for individuals who are side sleepers.

Super Soft Material on the Interior & Exterior of the Brief

A quality adult diaper should not only offer amazing incontinence protection with features listed above, but it should also be comfortable to wear. Touch the AirSupreme Brief and you’ll instantly feel the softness of the material. The soft breathable exterior is rustle-free, waterproof and 100% waterproof.

All-Around Super-Absorbent Adult Diaper

The AirSupreme 2XL is the most absorbent tab-style brief that NorthShore carries in the xxl size. Compare it to Tranquility SmartCore Briefs in the xxl size that offers just 29 ounces of absorbency. The 2XL AirSupreme has been tested to absorb a whopping 45 ounces of liquid. This brief is right under the MEGAMAX as far as absorbent capacity.

Now you have the information you need to take action and prevent those never-ending searches at your local medical supply stores. NorthShore now offers a new larger size to help you like the many others looking for more absorbency and a better fitting tab-style adult diapers. The breathable side panels, long core and elastic waistbands are all special features that will help keep you dry and confident. The brief is also comfortable to wear. The cloth-like, 100% waterproof backing is quiet and discreet but still provides the protection needed to contain leaks.

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