5 Activities and Top Incontinence Products to Stay Healthy

How do you spend your free time? For those of us adjusting to being home more than usual, keeping busy – mentally as well as physically - can help improve our mood and health.

According to a study done by Psychology Today, being busy helps with overall well-being. “Staying busy gives us the opportunity to reduce rumination and worry over things that we can't go back and change, or things we can't control about our future.”

Maintaining a set schedule during the day can lead to an appreciation of 'living in the moment' and being happier.

Being home can involve more than watching TV and doing loads of laundry. Consider these activities to stay active, engaged and productive.


Enjoy life with incontinence products and supplies to stay active and comfortable.



Regardless of capacity, an absorbent product must be changed immediately following a bowel movement.