Side Panels: An Underrated Feature of Breathable Adult Diapers

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What's your preferred outfit? Jeans and t-shirt? Dress? individuals new to adult diapers may not know what style they prefer from the start. Breathable side panels are one of the most underrated features in tab-style briefs and are worth discussing for current users. While these panels are not the most popular feature in this style, they offer great benefits to individuals.

Tab-style briefs have three different types of closure options: adhesive (usually for plastic-backed briefs), combination (adhesive with hook and loop systems), and breathable side panels. Side panels are a cloth-like material and are significantly longer and wider than common average tabs.

Benefits of Adult Diapers with Side Panels

  • Ideal for Unique Body Types - These tabs are ideal for individuals with pear and hourglass body types. They also help individuals who have skin folds or a tummy.

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  • Ideal for Individuals Who Sweat Easily - The side panels provide excellent breathability to help keep skin cool and dry. The material of the side panels also helps prevent skin breakdown.

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  • Ideal for Active Individuals - For individuals who travel, or require frequent changes, these breathable side panels are easy to re-adjust when needed. Each panel goes over the waist and is placed over the center of the landing zone (the front area of the briefs where tabs stay in place).

  • Discreet Fit - The shape of the tabs wraps easily around the waist for a comfortable and discreet fit that moves comfortably with the user.

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  • Worry-Free Fit - The length and width of the side panels provide a secure hold to the landing zone of the brief. The entire panel consists of the hook and loop closures providing a stronger hold.

NorthShore offers AirSupreme Briefs with breathable side panels. If you're looking for a new breathable option that offers larger sizes, or if any of the concerns above relate to you, then you'll want to review these briefs.

The breathable side panels offer many great benefits, some including a unique fit for larger body types, assistance with perspiration, and security. At the end of the day select a diaper that works for your body type and lifestyle.

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